That’s why everyone is talking about Overdose, Hideo Kojima’s rumored next game

Anyone who’s even glanced at social media over the past few days has likely seen mention of Overdose, a rumored new horror game from Hideo Kojima.

Tongues have been shaken since leaker Tom Henderson reported it (opens in new tab) the existence of the game, coinciding with a tweet (opens in new tab) from a newcomer to the leaking game. Apparently, early footage Henderson saw shows the actress who played Death Stranding’s mother – Margaret Qualley – walking down dark corridors with a flashlight – all from a third-person perspective, although it’s been hinted that the first-person view is also possible. The footage ends with a jump scare before the words “Gameover,” “A Hideo Kojima Game,” and “Overdose” are plastered across the screen. Since the article’s publication, Henderson has reportedly been asked by Kojima Productions to remove it, although the request has been denied at the time of writing.

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