Tejasswi Prakash: Naagin 6 update, June 11: Mehek fails to become Shesh Naagin

The episode of Naagin 6 begins with the police taking Pratha to prison for her execution. Pratha remembers how Mehek and Rishabh betrayed her.

After Pratha’s death, the police perform their last rites. Mehek sees everything from her car and says she finally got her revenge. She believes that after Pratha’s death, she will become Shesh Naagin. Vijay arrives at Pratha’s pyre and apologizes for not being able to save her. He says Mehek betrayed him and his own sister.

Mehek arrives at the temple and says that she will now become Shesh Naagin. Shesh Naag says that she cannot become Shesh Naagin as she has no blood relatives now. Mehek says her mother’s sister is still alive. Urvashi arrives and Mehek greets her at the Naag Mahal.

Urvashi remembers how her own mother threw her out of the Naag Mahal. She then recalls the time Mehek and Pratha’s father, Shivan, proposed to their mother, Roopa. Pratha and Mehek’s grandmother, Tara, blessed Roopa and said that her daughter will become Shesh Naagin. Urvashi overhears the conversation and decides to marry Shivan.

Urvashi dances with Roopa and takes her aside. She attacks Roopa, knocking her unconscious. She then takes Roopa’s avatar and sits in the mandap along with Shivan. Tara sees Urvashi’s reflection in the fire and asks her about Roopa. She then punishes her by snatching her powers and banishing her from the Naag Lok. She further says that if she ever transforms into the snake form, Urvashi will die in 24 hours.

Mehek is shocked. She tells how she saw snake skin in Gujral’s house and found out that Mehek and Pratha are Roopa’s daughters. She goes on to say that she helped her because she wanted revenge.

Mehek asks Shesh Naag to let her become Shesh Naagin. Shesh Naag says it’s against the rules. Mehek gets angry and asks him to make her Shesh Naagin as she is the only one living from the Vasudev clan.

Angel arrives and begins the procedure. Shesh Naag is disappointed. Angel asks Mehek to drink the milk. Mehek drinks it. Shesh Naag is about to give the Naagmani to Mehek. When Mehek is about to take it, Naagmani returns to Lord Shiva.

Mehek vomits and Shesh Naag tells her that she is not the chosen one to be Shesh Naagin. Mehek is surprised and asks why. Shesh Naag says that either the previous Shesh Naagin is alive or it is not the right time. Farishta then asks her to wait another year. Mehek weeps inconsolably.

Mehek dreams that Pratha came back to kill her. She wakes up and says there is nothing Pratha can do since she is no more.

Pratha comes from the earth.

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