TbOne on eSports Hour: Red Bull Game On

Shobith ‘TbOne’ Rai was the latest guest on The eSports Hour on Red Bull game on.

TbOne is one of the most famous streamers in India and also a gaming content creator. From streaming Valorant to creating content around other fan favorite games like Fortnite, Among Us and GTA 5, TbOne’s YouTube channel is filled with all kinds of content that the Indian gaming community might like to see. And that’s exactly why he has a huge following of 193,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The episode also featured a cameo from Simar “Psy” Sethi as TbOne was busy completing the challenge of killing three enemies with a knife by setting his sensitivity to seven in a laugh-filled Valorant match.

Speaking to moderator Ocean Sharma, TbOne has this to say about streaming, esports and his personal life:


Translated: Must be CS:GO because I started my channel with this game.

When Ocean asked TbOne to choose between Valorant and CS:GO, the prolific streamer didn’t hesitate to choose the latter. He retraced his days when he first launched his YouTube channel and how CS:GO helped him grow. He also spoke about the contribution of Valorant and how the switch to the first-person shooter title saw his subscriber count go from 30-40,000 to 120,000 in a matter of weeks.

“Shiva sir ka toh homeground hi hai woh”

Translated: This is the home of Shiva Sir.

TbOne spoke about his experience at the recent Valorant tournament, AMD Skyesports Champions Series hosted by Skyesports. He also explained that more people attended the Streamers Showdown in Mumbai than the LAN in Chennai. The popular streamer spoke about how there were three teams in the Streamer Showdown and how he believed Rakazone’s team would dominate the games. However, TbOne’s strategy with fa2 resulted in them winning the third match of the tournament.

“Exposition toh streaming se hi milta hai”

Translated: They only become known through streaming.

When asked what it takes for someone to be recognized as one of the best Valorant players in the country, TbOne said that they need to be on the top 50 player rankings for that recognition. He also suggested that the gamer should stream their game to get more exposure in the gaming community. Apart from these two points, TbOne emphasized that in order to get a chance to play at a competitive level, the person must also have good connections in the esports world.


“You need someone in your home to say, ‘You have to do this, and you have to do that'”

Discussing his married life, TbOne said he now has a proper daily routine that he sticks to. He starts his day at 7am and hits the gym, after which he sits with his LOCO streams. Gone are the days of waking up late and ordering junk food from Swiggy. He mentioned that his schedule is much more balanced than it used to be.

Woh Character Persona alag hai

Translated: That’s a different character in my life.

When a fan asked via live chat when he could see TbOne’s wife on his streams, the famous streamer responded by saying how he keeps his personal and professional life separate. So far he has not included his parents or family members in his stream. He joked at the end, saying that if his YouTube channel ever hits a million subscribers, his wife will be in his streams.

“Not even my mother knows what I’m doing”

When Ocean asked if TbOne’s wife liked to play games, he replied that she wasn’t interested in games at all and that she was busy with her work. He also explained that his mother doesn’t really know what he does aside from playing games. He mentioned that his sister is the only one who understands a bit what he does for a living.


Ocean also threw TbOne some quick-fire questions.

  • Ocean: Four friends who annoy you the most while playing.

  • TbOne: fa2, Binks, Goldy Bhai and Anna

  • Ocean: If you had a proper competitive lineup, four players you would pick

  • TbOne: fa2, Binks, Anna, Rakazone, aur Goldy Bhai ko bhi chahiye (*laughs*)

  • Ocean: Four people outside of your gaming world who you trust a lot

  • TbOne: Kinnor and Sushant (his best friends), my wife and my mother

  • Ocean: Four dishes TbOne doesn’t want to eat

  • TbOne: Oats, vegetable biryani, soy and ice cream

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