Suspended Twitch streamer Adin Ross gives fans an update

Controversial Twitch streamer Adin Ross has begun providing updates on his suspension and plans for the future after being widely banned from Twitch earlier this year. The messages, posted to Twitter, provide some insight into why Ross has been quiet lately.

Ross started streaming around 2018 and built a fanbase by playing games like NBA 2K and grand theft auto 5. His success continued to grow in 2020, collaborating with stars like Lil Yachty and Tory Lanez and diversifying into IRL streams. Ross also secured gambling sponsors, who reportedly received 335 Ethereum per week, which was nearly $1 million at the time. Leaked earnings reports suggest he could have been making millions of dollars each month at the height of his success.


TIED TOGETHER:Twitch bans streamer Adin Ross

Adin Ross’ indefinite Twitch ban is serious for the popular streamer and appears to be slowing his streaming career. Though Twitch has yet to publicly confirm the reason for the ban, an email Ross received from the company linked it to “hateful slurs or symbols.” It is widely speculated that the ban is linked to a YourRAGE-related streaming incident, in which Ross used a homophobic slur during a phone call.

Since the ban, Ross has been largely silent around the internet, leaving his millions of followers in the lurch. However, he appears to be posting unusual messages on his alternative Twitter account, AR15THEDEMON. One tweet read “soon” with an arrow, leading fans to speculate that an imminent return might be imminent, although the tweet was later deleted. In another message, Ross posted a photo of what appeared to be a legal document, along with the caption, “I CAN’T STREAM. HERE’S A TIP WHY.” Ross then claimed he was “literally” unable to stream, describing the situation as one of the saddest times of his life.

Ross has been banned from Twitch multiple times for various reasons. In 2021 he was temporarily banned from streaming for “nudity”. grand theft auto 5, regarding the in-game NSFW RPG, and urged supporting fans to start the #FreeAdin hashtag on Twitter. Later in the year, Ross received his fourth ban from Twitch after streaming while driving. The stunt was criticized as dangerous; Ross later apologized and said he was “100% wrong”. It is likely that these past incidents contributed to the final decision to ban his account indefinitely.

Adin Ross fans will be excited to see him return with new content, but this latest news casts doubt on how and when that will be possible. If you believe these tweets, the ban is apparently taking its toll on the popular streamer.

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