Streamers are reacting to the release of Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

On June 7th, 2022, Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update was finally released after months of anticipation from fans around the world. The update brought several new features, including new mobs and biomes, as well as brand new items and blocks.

Minecraft (MC) 1.19 became available worldwide at 11:03am EST, but fans are excited to see how their favorite streamers will react to this new update.

This update features helpful defense mobs, a new mangrove swamp biome crawling with frogs and tadpoles, boats with chests, and a menacing underground biome with an even more fearsome mob that lives below and is the talk of the town.

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update has caught the attention of popular streamers

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For many streamers, this update has been on the radar for a long time. When the first snapshots of the upcoming 1.19 update were released, many of them were reacting to the new features, which were still in development at the time.

Some streamers have been streaming/uploading content with their first reactions to the finished and polished version of MC 1.19. Two of these streamers are Jimmy “Solidarity Gaming” and cubfan135.

It’s finally here! My Ultimate Minecraft 1.19 Survival Guide, The Wild Update is now out! Everything you need to know about update 1.19 to survive and thrive!…

If fans want, they can go to YouTube and watch cubfan’s video on the new update called Minecraft 1.19: The Ultimate Survival Guide.

Squidney80 and gameplay developer Cory Scheviak explored the new 1.19 update together shortly after its release. Squidney immediately said that she is afraid of many creatures that walk around MC at night. This is not surprising as she was brought into the fearsome Warden’s territory after exploring cute features like the chest boats, frogs and avenues.

The Warden was one of the most anticipated mobs for this update and it didn’t disappoint. Squidney survived against the terrifying mob for a while as she had an active regeneration effect while running away from the guardian. Eventually, she fell on the beast because the underground biome that the Warden exclusively spawns in is so dark that it’s nearly impossible to run away.

SuperMcGregs offered a stream reacting to the new additions of update 1.19 and gaped at the many small features of the mangrove swamp and said:

“That’s the mangrove! Check it out! I think it’s cool that these [mangrove propagules] even fall from the trees. This is so unique!”

Several other streamers who have shared their reactions to the earlier snaps will likely respond again to the polished version of the update. These streamers include Phil “Ph1LzA” Watson, Tommy “TommyInnit” and many others.

How did TommyInnit and Ph1LzA react to the first snaps?

Their first reactions were mostly about the new mobs that would be implemented in Minecraft 1.19, including frogs and fireflies (which were later removed from MC 1.19).

Phil responded adorably to the frogs’ revelation, laughing and saying:

“Oh my god… YES MAN! oh my god her hops they’re like… ugh! oh my god that’s so cute. Can we get different types?”

Tommy reacted very similarly, being on the receiving end of the information that frogs would soon be a part of the game. He said,

“YOOOO! No way! What the hell, there it is! Look at the damn thing!”

Phil even went so far as to respond to the posted video explaining why fireflies and birch forests weren’t implemented in 1.19; He was looking forward to these two features being released with Minecraft 1.19. The rationale explained in the video was as follows:

“Fireflies were originally part of the plan for The Wild Update. We wanted to be a food source for the new frogs, but then we got great feedback from you in our lovely community and you taught us that many species of fireflies and fire bugs that are out there are poisonous to frogs and toads.”

Expressing his disappointment at the removal of the fireflies from 1.19, Phil said:

“RIP. Their ‘library of ideas’ is just like the damn catacombs of dead ideas, she says so. The ‘library of ideas’ is just the pit, they dug it [fireflies] In the pit.”

While there is undoubtedly a bit of disappointment with the new update from both fans and streamers, there will surely be more reactions and positive feedback as some of the implemented features are later explored.

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