Streamer xQc, who was criticized for promoting Slots For Kids, continues to play slots for two hours

Popular streamer xQc was recently criticized by some of its followers for promoting what they described as “slots for kids”. The content creator has been working with an online casino called Stake for a few months now, drawing the ire of his fellow streamers as well as a large part of his fan base.


After already streaming himself for over 11 hours playing, a content creator named JesseSMFI directed xQc to an online slot with stuffed animals and silly sound effects called Fluffy in Space. The content creator was hesitant at first, but xQc eventually came along and opened the link provided by JesseSMFI. It was quickly discovered that the online slot has a maximum bet of $12.50. While the streamer typically bets hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a time, xQc has placed multiple bets on the sound of squeaks and squeaks.

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“Why do they make slots?” asked JesseSMFI. ‘Who are they serving here, man? Okay, damn Minecraft on the first monitor, this on the second. Roll,” the streamer said. “Roll.” Some of the viewers at the time quickly dubbed the online casino “slots for kids”. In response to what he saw, xQc described the online slot as “goofy ass dogshit”. Then he played another two hours.

The content creator has been at the center of an ongoing debate about gambling for most of this year. The dispute started shortly after xQc started accepting gambling sponsors and handing out promotional codes. The streamer went on to say that he stopped accepting sponsorships from online casinos last year before admitting he was addicted to gambling. “I just get addicted, so I just shouldn’t play,” xQc pointed out. “I still do it. Is it good? No, that’s terrible. This is an illness. That is sick. I’m sick. But, you know what? I can afford to be ill. I’m lucky.” The streamer later noted that he had lost nearly $2 million at online casinos.

The streamer soon went back on his promise to stop accepting gambling sponsorships, admitting his followers had indeed gambled away millions of dollars. “It’s not that bad,” xQc said. “$119 million. It’s not crazy. Those are rookie numbers compared to some of these weirdos.” Faced with criticism from his fanbase, the content creator explained that the money “always comes back somehow.”

xQc’s comments prompted numerous other streamers to speak out against the practice of accepting gambling sponsors. “A lot of these sites, Stake and everyone else, if they have a code, if you offer a code, it means Stake tracks all your losses and you get a percentage of your fanbase’s losses,” Hasan explained. “That is literally the truth. It’s that damn bad. They let you participate. They let you in on the losses to your damn fanbase.”

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