Stranger Things season 5 could start filming in 2023, Harbor says

Star David Harbor reveals that Stranger Things season 5 may start filming in 2023 and offers an update on how filming is going for the final season.

Warning: SPOILERS are coming stranger things season 4

As audiences reel from the last two chapters, David Harbor is already looking ahead stranger things Season 5 revealing filming could start soon. Season 4 of the Netflix series begins eight months after the great battle at Starcourt Mall, where Harbors Hopper seemingly met his death when the Russians’ machine that opened a gate to the Upside Down was destroyed. The new season not only confirmed Hopper’s survival and capture by the Russians, but also saw Winona Ryder’s Joyce working with Brett Gelman’s Murray to free him from his prison and fight a horde of Demogorgons.


stranger things Season 4 took nearly three years to finally reach Netflix, with creators the Duffer brothers building the biggest season yet, packed with cinematic episodes and production hampered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For many, the wait has finally proven to be worth it stranger things Season 4 received largely positive reviews from critics and viewers, and broke numerous viewing records for Netflix at both its May and July premieres. With the final two episodes finally airing and audiences now eagerly awaiting the show’s final season, a star brings an exciting update for stranger things season 5

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In a recent interview with GQ David Harbor offered an update on the final season of the hit Netflix series stranger things Season 5. The Hopper actor confirmed that the Duffer brothers are almost done writing the final season and that filming is expected to begin in 2023, although he hopes to start even earlier. See what Harbor said below:

“I think we will [shoot] next year. They’re going to finish writing it this year, and they have to prepare and keep going, so hopefully it’ll be this year. But I think that’s the plan. So, based on our track record, it would likely come out in mid-2024.”

Hopper and Joyce Stranger Things 4

Harbour’s reveal that stranger things Season 5 could start filming next year and is almost written already, which will surely be exciting news for fans of the series, especially after the cliffhanger ending of Season 4. In the most recent episode of the show, Hopper, Joyce and Murray made it finally back to the US and reunited with the young heroes who all narrowly stopped Vecna ​​from completely destroying Hawkins by opening the gates to the Upside Down. stranger things Season 4 Volume 2 also saw the heartbreaking death of new fan favorite Eddie Munson and the initial death of Sadie Sinks Max, although the latter was seemingly brought back to life by Eleven and is in a coma despite Eleven being unable to see her spirit to be found in nowhere.

The confirmation of that stranger things Season 5 is almost ready to launch and is also proving to have a lot more promise for an earlier return than its predecessor, which halted production for a full six months due to the pandemic. Although COVID-19 continues to impact productions in some key areas around the world, including Los Angeles, many studios have duly adjusted to shooting with safety protocols, making this likely stranger things Filming for Season 5 will proceed smoothly and be completed in time for a 2024 release date, as Harbor predicts. In the meantime, the audience can revisit the entire mammoth stranger things Stream season 4 now on Netflix.

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Source: GQ

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