Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 release date and a new trailer

I’m very excited to see if Stranger Things makes it to the second collection of its Season 4 episodes and is #1 on Netflix’s top 10 list. There are only a few weeks left because the release date for Season 4 Part 2 is and remains July 1, 2022just a little over a month since the release of the first seven episodes.

The last two episodes also have a new teaser trailer previewing the final conflict, which you can watch below as it was released during Netflix’s GeekedWeek:

We know there’s a big final showdown against Vecna, but I’m more curious as to what Hopper and Joyce seem to find in the Soviet facility, as it appears to be a lot more than just a demigorgon that they also feed prisoners . I wonder how that will play into both the finale and the final season.

Even though there are only two episodes left for Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2, we know they are Celebration. Episode 8 is an hour and a half long and Episode 9, the finale, is two and a half hours long, a complete blockbuster movie with a budget to match it seems.

The Duffer Bros. say that these final episodes contain more VFX work than the entirety of Stranger Things season 3 (which itself was pretty VFX-heavy), and the finale has an action sequence that’s an hour long alone. Overall, this season is about five hours longer overall than previous seasons of the show.

Those last two episodes have not been rescheduled because Netflix is ​​trying to move away from its binge model and spread interest in the show. In fact, those last two episodes were just so busy that they needed the extra month of production time to complete them. Thankfully, Episode 7 ends on a pretty solid cliffhanger as we learn Vecna’s true origins.

Again, this isn’t the final season of Stranger Things. Things end with Season 5, which will no doubt be a year or more away, but hopefully not as long as a 3-4 gap, assuming we don’t have another pandemic to deal with. Or the same. We have no idea if the Duffer Brothers will go that crazy again with the season and episodes, but considering they probably want season 5 to top everything else, including this one, I’d say yes. But first, the season four finale looms.

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