Smallville Comic Con schedule, celebrity guests announced for 2022

Hutchinson celebrates Smallville.

During the weekend of the annual Smallville Comic Con, Hutchinson transforms into Smallville, home of Superman and thousands of comic, film and literature enthusiasts.

The convention returns June 18-19 at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. Some events include costume contests, Superman-related actors, and famous illustrators such as Jason Keith, an illustrator for the Marvel Comics series Avengers Forever, Thor, and Star Wars.

The congress organizers invited five celebrity guests, four special guests, five exhibits, more than 130 exhibitors and six cosplayers – cosplayers are people engaged in cosplay, which is the act of portraying a character from a book, film or video game.

Ticket prices remain the same from last year, with Saturday tickets for adults costing $25 and Sunday tickets for $20, child passes for $10, and two-day passes for adults $30 or $20 for children.

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