Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack Coming June 16: Everything You Need To Know

The Sims 4 Werewolves, the new game pack from Electronic Arts and Maxis, is coming to Steam, Origin, PlayStation and Xbox on June 16th. The new pack introduces players to the world of Moonwood Mill and the ability to transform into a werewolf.

Ahead of the launch, the developers held a preview demo of the pack, which will add a new layer to the established supernatural gameplay. Sims 4 Werewolves expands on the game packs that introduced spellcasters, vampires, aliens and ghosts and lets you explore the lives of lycanthropes.

This is what players can look forward to in the package.

Welcome to the moonwood mill

The Sims 4 Werewolves includes a brand new world: Moonwood Mill. Werewolf Sims have made their home in this abandoned factory and logging town surrounded by untamed wilderness. The new world felt like a mix between Granite Falls (Outdoor Retreat), Forgotten Hollow (Vampires) and Evergreen Harbor (Eco Lifestyle).

The new world is home to two packs of werewolves and a few new lots, three of which were designed by Sims YouTuber James Turner. Moonwood Mill will also feature new story elements such as the Moonpetal Flower at Howling Point, the elusive Luna Fish at Lake Lunvik, sparring pits, adventure moment entrances, and underground tunnels.

And where would werewolves be without the moon? The new game pack includes phases of the moon that will affect werewolf sims. Previously the game only showed full moons, but now players can see which part of the lunar cycle they are currently in (similar to monitoring your eco-footprint or the season in other packs). Your werewolf sim may have enhanced abilities and mood swings during certain phases of the moon.

Sims 4 werewolves gameplay still

The new game pack includes new create-a-sim options, build items, and storytelling options.


The pack also includes new build and purchase items such as a moss-covered roof, scratch-mark wall decals, industrial-style furniture, and a smaller telescope (which unlocks a new meteor-related death for Sims). I love creating down builds or fixer uppers when playing The Sims 4 and these new items have already given me dozens of ideas.

Werewolf 101

Moonwood Mill is home to two packs of werewolves for your Sim to join: the traditional Moonwood Collective and the rowdy tomboys. Sims can join a pack by completing Trials, which are available through interaction with the pack leader of the group. Trials include showing off your howling skills, sparring, giving a gift to the pack leader, and more. Once your Sim is in the pack, they must maintain the pack’s stats to stay in good standing. The game leaves a lot of room for your own storytelling: mingle with the pack, overthrow the alpha or live as a lone wolf? You can’t create your own pack, but you can create a werewolf club with the Get Together pack.

As with the occult Sims in the Vampires and Realm of Magic game packs, the Werewolves Pack requires your Sim to level up. Being a werewolf involves a skill tree that your Sim can progress through with skill points, unlocking traits like marking their territory, the ability to travel faster by digging tunnels, or napping somewhere.


Will you join the Moonwood Collective, the tomboys, or go it alone?


The pack also includes at least one new objective – Tomboy Renegade, which would apply to Sims wishing to join this pack. It’s likely that there’s a similar aspiration for the Moonwood Collective.

Like the Orb of Magical Charge for spellcasters, werewolves have a unique requirement field. In addition to having a wolfish appetite, you need to keep an eye on your Sim’s Rage Orb. As your Rage Orb fills up, it can trigger uncontrolled transformation and rampage. Controlled transformations are a skill that must be mastered.

And, yes… you can woohoo as a werewolf.

The pack includes a new werewolf-specific romance option called Fated Mates. According to the developers, teenagers and older werewolves can find a companion in destiny in another werewolf. Once two Sims are Fated Mates, the couple will get more romantic relationship loot, special feelings, and their relationship cannot fall apart. Additionally, if they are romantically interacting with a Sim who is not their destined mate, they could become tense.

Customize your Sim’s werewolf form

sims 4 werewolf

Your Sim’s werewolf form is highly customizable.


Like vampires, you can link and unlink your Sim’s werewolf form to their human form. You can customize almost every aspect of your Sim’s wolf form in Create-A-Sim. Choose how your wolf’s howl sounds, and the wolf’s coat offers tons of customization options. Body scars are also now available for the first time.

You can select fur color and pattern manually or scroll through pre-made fur patterns. This aspect works a bit like the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. Keep your wolf form traditional or get creative with paint mode, manual drawings, stamps and stencils.

The pack includes some new eclectic grunge outfits for your Sim – werewolf or human – to wear as well. However, if you keep your Sim in werewolf form, other Sims could have a terrible reaction to you. There’s also a very cute new wolf onesie for toddlers.

Watch the trailer here:

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