Shazam 2 adds veteran composers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Even though Shazam!: Wrath of the Gods In fact, the Warner Bros. release date has been brought forward. After the last change of plans, the sequel has mostly flown under the radar. After Dwayne Johnson’s run with Black Adam in October, veteran DC star Zachary Levi will bring Shazam back to the DCEU with a sequel that should take everything from the first film to new levels of excitement.

David F. Sandberg is back to direct his second DCEU film four full years after the original film’s theatrical debut, despite facing various reschedules for Shazam! 2 with the changing film landscape. He’s been openly discussing some of the plans for his upcoming sequel with fans on social media throughout the process, and with so many changes for his next appearance, he’s often sparked laughter.

Wrapped up with filming for Shazam! 2 In September 2021, Sandberg and Warner Bros. are deep in post-production to bring in the editing, music and special effects for the final cut of the film.

In Sandberg’s most recent update, he shared who will bring to life the musical score for Zachary Levi’s sequel, a veteran Marvel composer now in the world of DC.

Shazam becomes a regular Marvel composer

Shazam Wrath of the Gods
direct current

Shazam!: Wrath of the Gods Director David F. Sandberg announced Twitter that Christophe Beck will serve as composer for his second DCEU film.

A fan asked if composer Benjamin Wallfisch would be returning to compose the sequel, leading to Sandberg revealing the news about Beck:

“That was the plan, but the schedules got in the way (there’s just too many movies being shot at the same time right now). Christophe Beck directed this film and he did a fantastic job!”

This is Beck’s first job as a composer within the DCEU after working on the scores for four MCU projects including ant man, Ant Man and the Wasp, WandaVisionand hawk eye. He is also ready to write the score for next year Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Beck adds DC movie to resume

Christophe Beck is fast becoming one of the industry’s most popular composers, with nearly half a dozen scores from the Marvel Cinematic Universe by early next year. Now he’s getting a chance to bring that expertise to the DC side of the equation for Warner Bros. final film of the year – one that will follow on from one of the DCEU’s most successful films to date.

Beck is also the second composer to move to DC this year, following Marvel’s Spiderman Trilogy’s Michael Giacchino provided a widely popular musical score for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. This only adds to Beck’s impressive resume over the past few years as he continues his run through the world of comic book movies.

Now waiting for more names to be added Shazam! 2‘s crew as Sandberg and his team are working diligently to complete their work on the film over the next six months. The sequel’s promotional tour should begin in the next few weeks, with Avatar: Way of the Water Releasing just days early, Warner Bros. wants to make sure this film gets its own shine.

Shazam!: Wrath of the Gods hits theaters on December 21st.

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