Scheduling Summary: Franco Manca coming to Oxford and other updates

A new pizza restaurant, 3D cinema and the decision for a new Oxford University building are just a few of Oxford’s latest planning updates.

There are also new updates on the controversial East Oxford Community Center plans.

The plans can be viewed and commented on on Oxford City Council’s planning portal.

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The new Oxford University building is to be built

The University of Oxford has been granted approval to build 4552 square meters of office, research and teaching space for the Institute for Global Health.

It will be based on the Old Road campus in Headington.

As part of this there will be an outbuilding to provide bicycle parking, bin storage and an associated sprinkler system.

A public footpath in the area will be rerouted as part of the requirements of the order.

It is planned that the new Franco Manca will come to Summertown

A planning application has been submitted for a new Franco Manca at 276-292 Banbury Road.

A new signage with the characteristic lettering of the pizza chains is planned.

There is already a Franco Manca on George Street in Oxford.

Latest information on a 3D cinema at Oxford Castle

Oxford Mail:

A planning application for a 3D cinema in the Schlossviertel was recently updated along with other immersive attractions such as virtual reality racing.

The Oxford Mail recently reported on it here.

Gateway Attractions Ltd, the company behind the plans, says a 3D cinema will “complement” the more traditional tourist offerings at the castle.

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A Council decision is still awaited, with a number of changes being proposed.

These included concerns about where video walls would be mounted, which have now been removed from the application, additional lighting details needed, and concerns that outdoor signage could detract from the appearance of the protected historic site.

East Oxford’s community center is to be converted into flats

Oxford Mail: East Oxford Community Centre.East Oxford Community Center.

Oxford City Council has applied for permission to build new houses on Princes Street and Collins Street off Cowley Road, where the East Oxford Community Center was located.

A planning document said the council’s intention was “to improve and expand the provision of community facilities and to consolidate the existing community center building on the Princes Street site while concurrently supporting the proposed residential development at the Collins Street and Princes Street sites to consider”.

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Trees to be felled

Planning permission was granted this week to fell a Purple Plum Tree and a Silver Birch Tree at Black Hall House on Northmoor Road Oxford in Oxfordshire.

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