Rylan Clark’s mom had a devastating diagnosis that kept her away from Celebrity Gogglebox

Former This Morning presenter Rylan Clark’s mum Linda became a hit on Celebrity Gogglebox alongside her star-studded son – and he has spoken openly about almost losing her three times

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Rylan Clark tells Alex Jones about health problems

Ryan Clark is back on our screens tonight – and he’s not alone.

After starting out as a singer on The X Factor, Rylan rose to fame on Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 and now has a whopping net worth of around £4.8million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.

The 33-year-old is now back on Celebrity Gogglebox alongside his beloved mum Linda, who quickly won the nation’s hearts while appearing alongside her son.

The two quickly won viewers over as a humorous and iconic duo as they responded to some of television’s most breathtaking moments.

The couple, who appear to be in a close relationship, were missed by thousands of viewers after their absence from the show last year.

In 2020, Rylan told The Mirror: “It’s going to be a year now, we were really lucky to be part of the first and the second.

Rylan Clark’s mother received a devastating diagnosis



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“It all depends on what we do and if my mother is doing well enough.

“We will never say that we do not know what position we will ultimately be in.”

Linda’s battle with Crohn’s meant she not only had to miss the show but also her star-studded son, who was appearing on The X Factor.

In 2019, Rylan discussed his mother’s illness with the panel on the ITV talk show Loose Women.

He explained: “My mother has suffered from severe Crohn’s disease my whole life and I don’t think Crohn’s disease is talked about that much [should].

“Last year I almost lost my mother again. For the third time.”

Linda had to miss Rylan’s appearance on The X Factor



In another shocking revelation in October 2021, Rylan shocked listeners when he revealed on his popular BBC Radio 2 show that his mother Linda has been diagnosed with skin cancer.

The radio host thankfully confirmed that the condition was “not life-threatening.”

“I should probably tell people what we’re talking about,” he said.

“So mom, and it’s all right, she has skin cancer on her face, but she’s absolutely fine.”

“It’s not life threatening and it’s only spread a little bit so we’re going to have it all cut away.”

The duo won the nation on Gogglebox


Rylan Clark/Instagram)

The Gogglebox fan favorite first won hearts in the UK with her hilarious commentary on the show.

After her days on the show, Rylan enhanced his mother’s wit and love for the nation by making her a very special guest on his radio show.

At that time he announced the hosting change on his Instagram page.

He shared a snap of the couple along with the caption, “Rylan & Linda on Saturday.”

Rylan captioned the post: “Next Saturday…God help us!!!!” — but it seems his celebrity friends and fans alike are here for the collaboration.”

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