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Release date: June 17, 2022

Sam Butterworth and Steve Wood join their side in Dewsbury, the Thornhill Trojans’ home ground at Overthorpe Park, on Saturday afternoon (18 June).

The Yorkshire side have had a tough time this season and are currently in the bottom three. Manager Danny Ratcliffe will not be satisfied and will be looking to end his five-game losing streak. They are at home and will imagine their chances. Mayfield, on the other hand, is improving week in and week out and is looking to continue that improvement with a strong performance and a convincing win this afternoon. Butterworth has yet to field a permanent squad this season and that has affected the team. They need a regular team where the players know who is next to them and what that player is going to do. It builds confidence, and confidence can breed winners.

Today’s squad see changes again as Jared Dash sits out after surgery for a broken thumb, while Darcy Maroske is also doubtful with a knee injury. There will be other changes as well, with Si Moore and Wayne English waiting in the wings to retake their positions.

There have been a few bright spots in recent weeks, one of which was the way Cole Connolly and Ieuan Higgs began to communicate at six and seven. This is an area that has caused a lot of problems, but these two seem to be settling in and ironing out the issues.

If the team is serious about making the top six playoffs by the end of the season, this is a game they must win, and that’s exactly what Butterworth expects today.

Andy Reid and Craig White have their NWML squad ready for their first game in weeks. The league has been shaky and the lads haven’t played regular rugby, which makes that all the more meritorious considering their position; Second in the league with games in hand on the leaders. Today’s visitors to Mayfield Sports Centre, Woolston, from Warrington are mid-table and will put Reidy’s boys to the test. This is a young Mayfield side but a quality side with solid players throughout the squad. Victory today will keep them pushing to regain that top spot and dream of promotion.

Schedule June 18, 2022

  • NCL Premier Division: Thornhill – Mayfield, kick-off 2.30 p.m
  • NWML Divison 3: Mayfield-Woolston, kick-off 2.30pm

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