Rob Zombie shares more pics of Herman, Lily, and The Count

Now, a teaser trailer for writer/director Rob Zombie’s classic sitcom update has finally been released The MunstersAgain, we’re waiting for Universal 1440 Entertainment to announce a specific release date (for now, all we know is that the movie will eventually be released this autumn)… and look forward to seeing a full trailer. But while we wait, you can count on Zombie to keep sharing more and more pictures on social media, and he just did. In a new batch of four images, Zombie gives us another look at Herman Munster, his wife Lily and Lily’s father The Count.

The characters in Zombies Movie are played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie and Daniel Roebuck.

The Munsters ran for two seasons, from September 1964 to May 1966, and consisted of 70 episodes. (You can buy the complete series at THIS LINK.) The show

played Fred Gwynne as Frankenstein’s monster and householder Herman Munster; Yvonne De Carlo as his wife Lily Munster; Al Lewis as Lily’s father, Grandpa, the slightly cocky vampire Count Dracula, who longs for the “good old days” in Transylvania; Beverley Owen (later replaced by Pat Priest) as her teenage niece, Marilyn Munster, who was attractive by conventional standards but was the “ugly duckling” of the family; and Butch Patrick as their werewolf son, Eddie Munster.

In addition to the actors pictured above, Zombie’s The Munsters Stars Richard Brake as mad scientist Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, Catherine Schell as a gypsy named Zoya Krupp, Jorge Garcia as Herman’s friend Floop, Tomas Boykin as Lily’s werewolf brother Lester, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson as Realtor Barbara Carr, Dee Wallace as the voice of Good Morning Transylvania, Sylvester McCoy as Igor, the Munsters’ faithful servant, and original sitcom actor Pat Priest – who may be reprising the role of Marilyn! Also present are Jeremy Wheeling, Roderick Hill and Mark Griffith, Mr. Gateman, Mr. Goodbury and Mr. Graves, the owners of the Gateman, Goodbury and Graves Funeral Home.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Zombie said his film The Munsters is

100 percent in the spirit of the show. I didn’t want it to be different. I wanted to keep that ’60s vibe all the way through.”

His commitment to keeping the spirit of the show is evident in the film’s PG rating for “Macabre and suggestive material, frightening imagery and language”.

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