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Ah, summer. The perfect time to relax, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Some people choose the beach while others prefer the green tranquility of a cabin in the woods. I’m sure you can picture it: green ferns, hiking trails covered in morning dew, and a crystal clear lake where you can lounge while reading your favorite book. This is the backdrop to Amazon’s upcoming Canadian scripted series The sea. The series follows Justin (Jordan Gavaris), a recently single gay man trying to reconcile with estranged biological daughter Billie (Madison Shamoun) by taking her to the lake his family often visited when he was a child. His plans are thrown into chaos when he finds out that his “evil stepsister” Maisy-May (Julia Stiles) bought their childhood home, which he claims is his “birthright.” When he learns that she has plans to tear it down, he uses the summer escape as a scheme to thwart what he sees as her nefarious plans.


Starring Jordan Gavaris, Julia Stiles and Madison Shamoun, the idyllic peace of the Canadian wilderness is ignited by sibling rivalry in this Amazon Prime Video comedy series, which premieres June 17. Here’s everything we know about so far The sea.

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Amazon Prime Video has released the trailer for The sea Middle of May. One thing that works well in the trailer is the contrast between the landscape and the content. The trailer opens with an overhead swoop of a lake resplendent with verdant trees and the Canadian wilderness. The lively, summery aesthetic lulls the viewer into associations with holidays and relaxation. However, this summer seems to be the opposite of what the landscape implies. The trailer quickly sets the premise: adopted Billie is given an ultimatum by her parents: spend the summer with Justin, her estranged millennial birth father, or at Bible camp. “I’m not like other birth dads, I’m a cool birth dad,” Justin quips, to which Billie angrily replies, “Are you quoting Mean Girls?”

The tension between millennial Justin and his Gen Z Daughter as they try to bond is a focus of the series as the storyline progresses. When they arrive, Justin doesn’t quite fit in with the area’s wine-drinking, back-slapping parishioners. But those are the least of his problems. He’s in for an unwelcome surprise: the new owner of his family’s childhood home is none other than his stepsister Maisy-May (Julia Stiles). The dichotomy between brash Justin and his cold, no-nonsense stepsister is laughable. Justin’s free spirit and impulsive nature leads him to spend his entire summer trying to thwart his stepsister’s plans. This childish behavior could get in the way of his ability to bond with Billie, who needs a positive role model. Much of the show seems to revolve around the emotional trauma that needs repairing between the brother and stepsister, and how those traumas and others are part of what has prevented Justin from growing up and thriving in his relationship with Billie as one to show exemplary and not just as a fool.

When is The Lake release date?

The sea The premiere is scheduled for June 17, 2022 and will be available on Amazon Prime Video. Prior to the official series premiere, the series was granted a preview at the 2022 Inside Out Film and Video Festival, one of Canada’s largest celebrations LGBTQ+ content and creators. The screening featured the first two episodes of the series.

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Who are the cast and confirmed characters of The Lake?

The cast consists of a number of familiar faces, but in roles that deviate from what they are known for. Jordan Gavaris plays Justin, a man who returns to the community of his childhood to bond with his estranged biological daughter, Billie. Gavari’s most famous role is as Felix Dawkins in the Canadian sci-fi thriller television series orphan black Next Tatyana Maslany. With wry, jaded humor, laced in this role with a well-crafted British accent, Jordan’s performance here will once again allow him to showcase his comedic skills and Canadian roots in a lighter setting. Gavaris also had a starring role in the television series unnatural historyas well as the American crime comedy drama series, take two.

Gavaris will be joined by actress Julia Stiles. Stiles is perhaps best known for her iconic lead role as Kat Strafford in the late ’90s American romantic comedy 10 things I hate about you, in which she starred alongside the late Heath Ledger and Jason Gordon Levitt. Her role in the early 2000s American teen dance film Get the last dance is another role forever cemented in the canon of late ’90s and early 2000s classic films, while her roles in Mona Lisa smile and as Nicky Parsons in the bournes franchise cemented her transition from youth to adult audiences. Her television work includes a role in the fifth season of dexterwhich earned her Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress, as well as a recent lead role on the Sky Atlantic series Riviera. Stiles’ role as Justin’s gorgeous stepsister Maisy-May is a departure from some of the more dramatic work we’ve grown accustomed to seeing her do, but she certainly has the acting skills to make the character multidimensional.

Madison Shamoun plays Justin’s biological daughter, Billie. Billie’s character was sent to the lake with her birth father, Justin, as part of an ultimatum. Shamoun captures her character’s necessary fear, and her character’s trepidation at connecting with Justin feels authentic for the circumstances. Shamoun is best known for her work in television comedies #BlackAF and Black.

Additional cast included Jon Dore (humor resources), Caroline Scott (goose flesh), Natalie Lisanka (The wide), Travis Nelson (Tucker and Dale against evil), Declan Whaley (criminal thoughts), and Terry Chen (The wide).

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What is the background of the lake?

The sea was created, written and executive produced by Julian Ducet (Spoilsport). Michael Sueder and Teza Lawrence were also executive producers under their Toronto-based production company Amaze Film + TV. in May 2022, Jordan Canning and Paul Fuchs were revealed to be directors. Filmed in North Bay, Ontario, Canada The sea is Amazon’s first scripted Canadian series. Her other Canadian series so far have been sketch comedy revivals The children in the hallthe documentary series All or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafsand the Canadian version of the comedy-variety series LOL: The last one laughs.

Executive producers Michael Souther and Teza Lawrence have said they were “inspired by the summers we spent by the lake, which is the basis of the concept we brought to Amazon,” before continuing, “We are Excited and really looking forward to working with this incredibly talented and diverse cast and proud to have Jordan in this pivotal role celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community in this series.”

Christina WayneHead of Canadian Originals at Amazon Studios, said, “It’s a show that pushes boundaries and celebrates broken characters trying to hold it all together in one of the most picturesque settings – Cottage Country.”

What is the plot of the lake?

Check out the premise that accompanied the trailer The sea under:

Justin (Jordan Gavaris), a recently divorced gay man, takes Billie (Madison Shamoun), the mixed-race daughter he put up for adoption, to the lake where he spent summers as a boy. Justin hopes spending the summer with Billie will bring them closer. Still, Justin’s obsession with regaining control of his family’s cottage for his stepsister Maisy-May (Julia Stiles) is only driving them further apart. It will take a long time for all parties to grow up to learn how to fit into a family, including the Iron Lady of the Lake, Maisy.

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