Ranking of every live-action Catwoman costume, according to Ranker

Catwoman is one of Batman’s most beloved enemies and allies, depending on which side of the law she’s on. Many actresses have played Catwoman over the years, and much like Batman, each one has brought her own twist and unique costume to the character.

With Zoë Kravitz being the youngest to take the mantle The Batman, the internet is once again debating how their version’s more modern look compares to the others over the years. As well as Zoë Kravitz’s latest look, Ranker has also listed his picks of the best Catwoman suits, from Anne Hathaway to Eartha Kitt.


8th Halle BerryCatwoman

Halle Berry as Catwoman

2004 cat woman was a major departure from the usual depictions of the character. Instead of playing the usual incarnation of Selina Kyle, Halle Berry played an original character named Patience Phillips. To match the character change, Berry’s Catwoman suit was also very different from the others.

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Comprising little more than leather leggings, a bra and a mask, the Halle Berry costume is definitely one of the most recognizable Catwoman outfits. However, it polarized as some fans appreciated its boldness and many called it impractical and overly sexualized. It may be Ranker’s lowest pick, but since cat woman Often considered one of the worst superhero movies of all time, this costume is probably one of the few aspects of the movie that people remember.

7 Casey Elizabeth Easlick (Birds of Prey)

Maggie Baird as Catwoman in Birds of Prey

Probably not many people remember the short-lived TV show from 2002 birds of prey, but Ranker was careful not to miss it. The series revolves around the titular Birds of Prey group of superheroes led by Batman and Catwoman’s daughter Helena.

Catwoman herself makes an appearance in flashbacks of the pilot episode, but unfortunately her role is about as short-lived as the rest of the show. Her costume pays homage to the most famous Catwoman suit ever, only altered to show her hair instead of covering it. The outfit is a solid resemblance to its predecessor but doesn’t get much time to shine.

6 Camren Bicondova (Gotham)

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle in Gotham

The TV series Gotham was a reimagining of most beloved Batman characters, and Catwoman was no different. Selina Kyle’s version, aka Cat, takes the same approach as Bruce Wayne and is much younger and less experienced. She was a complex character and fans hated and sympathized with Cat.

For the first few seasons, her costume was not a costume at all, but more practical attire complete with a leather jacket, hood, and goggles. It was far from the typical look, but it fit the universe of the show. As the series progressed, she was given a more comic-book based outfit, featuring a black suit and mask.

5 Eartha Kitt (Batman)

Eartha Kitt as Catwoman on the phone in the Batman 1966 series

Eartha Kitt was the second actress to portray Catwoman in the 1960s Batman tv show. Kitt differed from her predecessor, Julie Newmar, not only in her more aggressive portrayal of the character, but also in the costume.

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Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt’s costumes are very similar – not quite the same, but very similar. The sleek black suit was both stylish and accurate to the source material. The biggest change was to the character’s hair, with Kitt’s Catwoman sporting the famous feline ears up with a series of braids that functioned almost as an accessory of their own.

4 Lee MeriwetherBatman

Lee Meriwether as Catwoman in the 1960s Batman film

Lee Meriwether took over the role from Julie Newmar but came in before Eartha Kitt and was the second actress to play Catwoman the feature film based on the 60s Batman Show. Meriwether’s suit was virtually unchanged from the original version on the show.

However, Meriwether’s costume made a monumental change to the suit, it popularized the famous mask for the ensemble that later became a staple of the character. It might be a small thing, but the mask helped add that certain something to the ensemble.

3 Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman talks to Batman on a rooftop in The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolans Dark Knight The trilogy was a much more grounded take on the Batman universe, and the costumes were no exception. Like Christian Bale’s Batman suit, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman outfit was a modern update of the classic costume.

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The suit eschewed leather for a more practical material, but retained the sleek black body so synonymous with the character. The suit even managed to find a convenient use for Selina Kyle’s cat ears, allowing them to fold into night vision goggles.

2 Julia NewmarBatman

Julie Newmar as Catwoman in Batman

As the first actress to play Catwoman on screen, Julie Newmar’s original Catwoman costume set the bar for all others to come. Her outfit introduced most of the elements so recognizable to the character. The look may be straight out of the comics, but this was the first time it really came to life.

Newmar’s costume introduced the signature bodysuit and cat ears, along with an abundance of gold and metallic accents to add a little extra flair to the already striking look. The outfit was stylish and provocative, and was even exhibited at the Smithsonian for a time. It was fitting that this costume was featured in some of the best Catwoman TV episodes.

1 Michelle PfeifferBatman Returns

Michell Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns.

Of every incarnation of Catwoman that made it to the big or small screen, none is as recognizable or iconic as Michelle Pfeiffer’s Tim Burton costume Batman returns. It has remained the definitive look for the character since the film’s release and has been worn by arguably the best Catwoman actress.

The skin-tight leather body not only complemented Burton’s dark, stylized version of Gotham City perfectly, but also stayed fantastically true to the classic look from the comics. Combined with Michelle Pfeiffer’s excellent acting, the Batman returns Costume is the best live action Catwoman costume ever filmed.

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