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New app development company has provided technology solutions for Walmart, Home Depot, Audi, Volkswagen and others

PHOENIX, AZ, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — RAADR, Inc. (OTC PINK: RDAR), a technology and software development company providing innovative solutions to cyberbullying on social media platforms, today announced that it has received a letter to shareholders from Jacob, Chairman and Chief Executive Company officer, has released Dimartin.

Dear shareholders, I am very pleased to share this update with our supporters and the investment community:

The past 120 days have proven both challenging and rewarding for RAADR. Many of you know that in February we successfully launched our parental monitoring application version 2.0 on the Google Play app store. Our plan also included the goal of a successful launch in the Apple App Store. This new goal has not yet been achieved as all development responsibilities are currently being transferred to a brand new app development company as follows.

I am very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Cooperative Computing of Texas (http://www.cooperativecomputing.com) . Cooperative Computing is a business-focused technology company that provides business leaders with the support they need to bring their vision to life. Cooperative Computing has successfully completed and delivered technology solutions for some of the world’s largest and most successful companies including Walmart, Home Depot, Audi, Volkswagen, Bank of America and Advanced Auto Parts. Cooperative Computing has proven experience in developing and executing strategies focused on 6 core business functions:

1. Brand and Marketing
2. Trade
3. Supply Chain
4. Customer Retention
5. Service Delivery
6. Application Development

Going forward, Cooperative Computing will be responsible for all of RAADR’s application development tasks, including planning, architecture, development, rollout and marketing. We are excited about our new partnership and the stated goals with Cooperative Computing. As a result of our planning sessions with Cooperative Computing, we expect the app to be ready for submission for both the iOS and Android platforms by the end of this year.

I’m sure the question most investors want to ask is why the change now when we expected the app to launch in early 2022? The answer is: After a lengthy and tedious review process, this decision was made for the long-term success of the company. As many of our shareholders know, our app had functionality for multiple social media platforms. However, as Google and many of the world’s tech giants understand, the future is the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a fast-growing, dynamic ecosystem that is constantly evolving.

This process of having an app that can monitor kids across multiple social media platforms and the evolving Metaverse was beyond the capabilities of our previous development team. This decision was made because we firmly believe that our app will be an important tool in combating bullying on social media and the metaverse. In order to maximize our app’s capabilities, moving to a new development team has been critical to the success we envision for our company. We anticipate that by October we’ll have an exciting and robust app, ready for multiple social media platforms and the ever-evolving Metaverse.

Our first RAADR Advisory Board member and leading brand ambassador is social media sensation and basketball legend Larry “Bone Collector” Williams: https://twitter.com/BoneCollector23

Mr. Williams has worked hard for RAADR over the past 90 days and I would like to share some recent news and events regarding his efforts. Larry Williams recently starred in the highly anticipated Lebron James/Adam Sandler-produced film. Mr. Williams’ relationships will be an integral part of RAADR’s success as we continue to develop. Larry Williams has been a celebrity guest at a variety of youth basketball camps in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He’s also been busy coaching future NBA prospect Gelo Ball. Gelo is the older brother of NBA superstar LaMelo Ball and plans to join his brother as a member of the Charlotte Hornets with the help of RAADR’s own Larry “Bone Collector” Williams. Larry rounds out his July schedule by spending time in Las Vegas as a scout and coach for the NBA Summer League.

Mr. Williams continues to build eyes on our mission as a leading anti-cyberbullying company. Many of Mr. Williams’ clients, as well as current and former trainees, are attending this year’s NBA summer exhibition games. In late July, Larry Williams will be teaming up with NBA Champion Fred Van Fleet of the Toronto Raptors in the great state of Illinois as Fred does amazing charity work for his hometown youth through the game of basketball. Onsite, Mr. Williams will educate and speak to young athletes and their parents about the importance of mental health, bullying and how RAADR’s products can help improve the mental health of young people while combating cyberbullying. Mr. Williams is busy using his connections and resources to promote the RAADR app in a variety of effective and meaningful ways. We are very grateful that Mr. Williams is leading behind the scenes several discussions and due diligence activities that are already underway and which we will announce at the moment of legal approval.

In closing, I very much look forward to continuing to bring material developments to market as we enter what is a most exciting and rewarding next era of growth. We greatly appreciate the loyalty and enthusiasm of our shareholders. Thank you for believing in our RAADR growth mission and be sure to follow our social media feed for more exciting updates:



Jacob Dimartino
Chairman and President

About RAADR, Inc.

RAADR, Inc. publishes software and apps to protect children using social media and the internet. Known as the “Internet Anti-Bullying Company,” RAADR makes products that enable children, parents and school districts to monitor online bullying and other threatening behavior in real time. Packed with features including keyword tracking, real-time alerts, facial recognition, and website filtering, RAADR’s apps determine in real-time whether children or young adults are victims of stalkers, bullies, and other threatening behavior. Parents love the facial recognition feature as the app allows parents to upload the child’s picture in seconds and parents can be armed with one of the most powerful tools available to receive notifications every time their child’s picture is shared on a social media site appears. RAADR Parental 2.0, the parenting app that helps parents and adults protect children by using artificial AI intelligence in real-time monitoring of internet and social media, will be released sometime in early February 2022. Bully RAADR, which equips children with RAADR’s powerful product suite that empowers children to protect themselves and other children from threatening and dangerous behavior online and on social media, will be released by Fall 2022. RAADR Inc. is committed to making our world and social media a safer and better place for children and youth.

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