PS Plus confirms new Day One game for July 2022

Sony is confirming a brand new day-one release that will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers of certain tiers starting next month.

PlayStation’s latest State of Play presentation was a success and hosted some big third-party announcements. at the event, Resident Evil 4 remake has been officially unveiled, street fighter 6 was announced and Final Fantasy 16 received an impressive new gameplay trailer. The State of Play also confirmed a new one PlayStationPlus Game for July 2022, which will be a day one release, similar to the Xbox Game Pass day one releases.

One of the games featured at State of Play was the PlayStation console exclusive cat game Straywhich received a stunning trailer and confirmation that it will be playable on July 19th. That has also been confirmed Stray will be a day-one game for PlayStation Plus subscribers who have signed up for the more expensive PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium tiers.


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Sony is set to make big changes to PlayStation Plus in the near future, with the PS Plus revamp set to begin on June 13th in North America. Once that happens, PlayStation Plus fans will have three different tiers to choose from: PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium. PS Plus Essential is the same old PS Plus that fans should be getting used to by now, while PS Plus Extra combines PS Plus and PlayStation Now with the addition of some top-flight games. PS Plus Premium is the highest tier and offers everything found in PS Plus Essential and Extra alongside a variety of retro games.

The new PS Plus tiers are Sony’s attempt to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service. And given that one of the main selling points of Xbox Game Pass is day-one releases, it makes sense that Sony will counter some games with their own day-one releases. Fans shouldn’t expect first-party PlayStation games to be available to PS Plus subscribers on day one, but Stray is a testament that fans can still look forward to at least some high-profile games being included in the line-up.

However, there is one key difference between the games available for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium that fans should be aware of. Unlike the free PS Plus games that are released every month, the games that are added to the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers cannot be kept for free. They work like Xbox Game Pass, where games are cycled in and out of the lineup. While PlayStation Plus subscribers cannot keep Stray When it’s added to PS Plus’s Extra and Premium Tiers, they can play it as many times as they like while it’s on service.

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