Portrait of This Is Pride: Z-100’s Elvis Duran and husband Alex Carr have become prominent advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion in NYC

(EDITORS NOTE: This Is Pride is a series of profiles and portraits of Staten Islanders who made history as part of the county’s LGBTQ+ Pride movement and key members of the community. If you have someone you love for If you want to nominate “This Is Pride Pride,” email your name and a brief nomination to [email protected].)

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Known as the voice of one of New York’s hottest radio stations, Z-100’s Elvis Duran brought his fame to the borough when he married Staten Islander Alex Carr in 2019.

The couple have become voices for LGBTQ+ inclusion on Staten Island and beyond. Duran’s star power coupled with Carr’s long history of activism — including serving on the board of directors of the Pride Center of Staten Island — has given them a platform to express the need for LGBTQ+ inclusion.

In June 2019, Carr and Duran were honored by the Pride Center at the Stone House restaurant in Clove Lakes Park commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. $70,000 was raised for the Staten Island Pride Center, including more than $37,000 donated by Duran and Carr.

As part of The Staten Island Advance/’s This Is Pride series, we asked Duran and Carr the following questions. Here’s what they had to say:

What does pride mean to you?

Duran: “So many things:

  • Proud to know the many men and women who spent decades fighting for our right to be who we are and to love who we want.
  • I am proud to know that my life and my story are as important as anyone else’s. I pride myself on living my life without excuses.
  • I take pride in uplifting my friends and supporting their journeys and dreams.
  • Pride comes from helping others to be proud.”

Karr: “Pride means we don’t have to be judged for who we are and who we love.”

What does it mean to be an LGBTQ+ State Islander?

Karr: “There’s so much I love about Staten Island, from its green spaces to its strong sense of community, but Staten Island isn’t always an easy place to be LGBTQ+. That’s why I’m so proud to serve on the board of directors of the Pride Center of Staten Island. Staten Island LGBTQ+ residents need support and acceptance, and the Pride Center stands for that.”

What do you love about being a Staten Islander?

Automobile: “I love the strong sense of community on Staten Island. Staten Islanders love living here – there is no better place than home.”

Elvis Duran & Alex Carr

Known as the voice of one of New York’s hottest radio stations, Z-100’s Elvis Duran became one of the borough’s biggest celebrities when he married Staten Islander Alex Carr in 2019. (Courtesy of Billy Hess)

During Pride month, think about it: What still needs to be done?

duran: “So much! I can remember asking the same question 20, 30 years ago. And a lot of what needed to be done has been achieved! Now we have just as many challenges. Mental health and legal rights are still the focus. Depression and suicide are still at alarming rates. Legal rights are being tested and restricted in some states. There is so much to do. We have so much to be proud of.”

Automobile: “The LGBTQ+ community has made incredible strides, but there is still work to be done. LGBTQ+ youth are disproportionately represented among homeless youth and in foster care. These young people need safe shelters and supportive resources to help them thrive. There is a lot to do right now, but I believe in the strength and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community – we will continue to work to move the community forward.”

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