Pooja Hegde calls Indigo staff ‘arrogant’: Times airlines insulted celebs | aviation news

Actress Pooja Hegde recently took to Twitter, upset by the behavior of Indigo employees. She called out the Indian airline’s staff for their “arrogant, ignorant and threatening tone”. However, this isn’t the first time Indigo Airlines has gotten into trouble with a celebrity. Previously, there were several cases where the airline broke the news about its employees’ bad behavior towards a celebrity. The list of celebrities involved in the dispute with the airlines also includes well-known Indian athletes.

Previously, ace shuttler PV Sindhu took to Twitter to anger at the ground staff’s misconduct and behavior over their luggage. She claimed the ground staff were rude to her. In her tweet, the player said: “Ground staff (skipper) Mr. Ajeetesh has been very bad and rude towards me. When the flight attendant Ms. Ashima tried to advise him to behave appropriately towards the passenger (me), to my surprise he behaved very rudely towards her. If these kind of people work for a broken (sic) airline like Indigo they will ruin their reputation @IndiGo6E.

In various incidents, the airline got into difficulties with various actors. More specifically, there was an incident of passenger misconduct with Kangana Ranaut on an airline plane. Similarly, the airline got into trouble when singer Aditya Narayan misbehaved towards her employees.

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In addition, Indigo Airlines recently made headlines for an incident in which a disabled child was denied a seat on May 7th. The child was denied permission by IndiGo to board the Ranchi-Hyderabad trip on May 9 because she was ‘visibly in terror.’ Since the youth was not allowed to board, his accompanying parents also chose not to board.

After the incident at Ranchi Airport, the DGCA fined Indigo Airlines 10 lakh. This was also the first time that the DGCA imposed a financial penalty on airlines. At the time, the DGCA said: “Special situations deserve extraordinary responses, but airline staff failed to face up to the situation, in violation of the letter and spirit of the Civil Aviation Requirements (Regulations).”

They further added: “In light of this, the competent authority of the DGCA has decided to impose a penalty of Rs 5 lakhs on the airline in accordance with the provisions of the relevant aircraft regulations.”

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