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The Joker is one of the most enduring and memorable characters in comics, television and film. He has been played many times to iconic standing by the likes of Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger. Another actor who gave the character a spin to stellar, Oscar-winning results was Joaquin Phoenix in the 2019 surprise hit Joker. The Todd Phillips-led character study grossed a cool billion dollars worldwide and somehow managed to make the despised villain likable.

In the wake of Joker’After the massive box office success and relatively open ending, rumors of a sequel started almost immediately. It looks like a second installment is far from official. A photo of Phillips with Phoenix settling into a chair and a script titled Joker: Folie a Deux was posted on social media on June 7th. The screenplay was written by original writing duo Phillips and Scott Silver and is dated May 18, 2022. What kind of chaos can Arthur Fleck bring to Gotham this time? Here’s everything we know about them joker Consequence.


Joker 2: The Storyline

As Arthur did with his imaginary life of love and success, only as the story progresses can we invent sequels. joker was originally intended to be a standalone film, but by the time the box office was piling in and the Oscars were rolling in, Warner Bros. must have hit the green light button for Phillips, Phoenix and Co. to work on a follow-up.

The photo above is the first confirmation of this joker We have received a continuation. joker is a film about the build-up of tension that eventually spills over; That is, it lets go with its end. When Arthur is dragged into a padded cell, chaos and the mobs he inspired continue to rage beyond the gates of Arkham. Attention is focused on the turmoil of TV viewers rejoicing and cackling at the anarchy unfolding on their screens, including a child.

slide for two is a French expression that translates as a mental illness affecting two or more people. Could the sequel come from multiple perspectives, one of which is a fed-up Gotham citizen who wants to follow in Arthur’s footsteps? As previously mentioned, hundreds if not thousands of Gothamites basked in the destruction spearheaded by Arthur’s murder of Murray alive. Arthur had a literal army at his command when he found liberty to lead it. Any of these foot soldiers could be the focus of the sequel.

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Maybe we’ll get an introduction to a new Harley Quinn? Her origin is that she treated Joker as his psychiatrist and we last saw Arthur imprisoned in Arkham. Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character will be hard to top, but could we see a new take on the Puddin storyline? As we know, joker exists in its own right within the DC cinema canon, apart from the DCEU founded by Zach Snyder and The Batman World set by Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson. Introducing a new Harley would be a risky move in a sequel to a risky film.

The plot could also focus on a young Bruce Wayne. joker cleverly used the Arthur-inspired catastrophe as the backdrop and cause for the Wayne’s murders and Batman’s creation. Themes of isolation and helplessness were main gears in the plot of joker, so it would be fitting to see young Bruce experience the same state of existence as Arthur after the death of his parents. Wayne’s murders could also feed into the sequel on a broader scale, as the shockwave through the ranks of Gotham’s elite class could lead to further crackdowns, resentment and violence in the city’s slums.

Or will it be a simple eruption and wreak further havoc? Whatever story joker Continuing, Phillips’ script has a massive open wound from Gotham to work with.

Joker 2: The Cast

Most of the cast joker is killed in the chaos of the first film. From bullying and dealing Murray Franklin (Robert DeNiro) to Arthur’s equally ill mother, Penny (Frances Conroy), not many people were spared by the events joker. But Gotham is a big, sprawling place, so new characters for minds like Phillips and Silver shouldn’t be hard to imagine.

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Phoenix will of course return in the title role, but at this point we can only speculate as to who will round out the cast. Zazie Beetz’ Sophie Dumond stopped at the end joker, so it makes sense for them to go back to the first film and its events and legacy as a connection. Whoever fills the gap in the cast will be sent by Joker, Phillips’ original takes over the character and this world is sure to produce some excellent new faces.

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