Phobias – 9 famous aliens we would love to see included in the phobia strategy game

Upon its release in March of this year, Phobies has offered players over 120 adorable (yet deadly) creatures that offer a playful look at humanity’s deepest fears and phobias.

So far we’ve seen mechanical monkeys, killer clowns, and flatulent farm animals in the bizarre menagerie of beasts players can throw into battle. Now, following the new Alien Invasion-themed update, 13 alien phobias make their debut in the game, along with 5 new maps and a new immersive environment.

While the sky seems limitless for the potential creatures we might see in Phobies’ hexagonal battlefields, we thought we salute the game’s creators and their latest update by picking some of our favorite famous aliens that are easily could find their home in the Phobies universe.


So, as we’ll be adding plenty of movie references to our list, here are the good, bad, and downright ugly aliens that we’d love to see in Phobies’ universe.

The goods


Starting the list, we have a fan favorite and that’s the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime. Yes, these robots are actually aliens, and since we already have some nice mechanical heroes (like Fishtank, Jar Cannon, and Cowbell), a convoy of Autobots would be a perfect addition to the game.


Arguably one of the most famous creatures on the list, ET is the epitome of a “good-natured” alien. He would fit into the monster category and would probably be a great supporting character in the world of Phobies. Maybe he could race across the battlefield on his iconic bike?

Yarael Puff

He already got the coffee yesterday – making him perfect for the world of phobias, where coffee is a valuable resource needed to recruit new phobias into the mix. The good-natured, mistreated Quermian Jedi Master found fame in the classic Star Wars Robot Chicken specials, and he’d fit the bill with a seat on the Phobies Council. Shout-outs also for Men In Black’s The Neebles, also friendly coffee-related aliens.

The evil ones


Moving on to the next category, we have the bringer of destruction, the embodiment of all evil, the Yautja, better known to her many enemies as the Predator. Made famous in the film of the same name, Predators’ sole purpose is hunting and they could easily become one of the best monsters in Phobies if allowed into play!

Queen Alien

A powerful and intelligent Xenomorph, the Queen Alien is a character we saw fighting Predator in Alien vs. Predator – we could easily think of this powerful Alien as a monster-type character, dealing massive melee damage and anyone Opponent he faces, Predator, cut through or otherwise.

Klendathu bug

Though it doesn’t have a name set in stone, this bug, which hails from the planet Klendathu in the Starship Troopers movie, is an arachnid (or pseudo-arachnid, if you want to be specific) and is creepy and crawly in every way in the world. In Phobies it could be used as a crawling monster, similar to Jar Cannon or AWOL.

The ugly ones


We already have something similar to the Graboid from Tremors in Phobies, but he doesn’t like any of them. If we took both Suckee and Creep and translated them into a new Fear, we’d probably end up with something more or less similar to Graboid. As for its trait, we could probably see it as a monster in the Phobies series.

The fluke man

To finish off the list, we have one of the most disturbing creatures from the X-Files, the Flukeman. While it’s not exactly an “alien” but more of a humanoid parasitic “thing” combined with a fluke worm, it looks like an awesome undead creature that we’d love to see transformed into a fear. Incidentally, the Flukeman has an indirect connection to Phobies, as the humanoid worm’s costume design was created by the late Bill Terezakis, who was a close friend of Smoking Gun Interactive CEO John Johnson.

If you feel like conquering your fears while participating in arena battles, you can download Phobies now on App Store, Google Play and Steam.

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