Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy shares disappointing news about a spinoff movie

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During season six of Peaky Blinders marked the end of the TV series, over a year ago it was announced that a feature film was in the works that would serve as the official closing chapter of the Shelby saga – but unfortunately it seems that viewers will wait a long time before seeing it in cinemas.

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Speaking in a new interview, Lead Actor Cillian Murphy confessed that he doesn’t know “actually anything” about the film at the momentreveals he hasn’t even received a script yet.

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he explained meeting: “I would be just as excited as anyone to read a script. But I think it’s good for everyone to have a little break. That’s always healthy and then we can regroup.”

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“Steve is an incredibly busy and in-demand writer, but I know he loves to write Top first of all, I’m sure he told you the same thing. He loves to. So I think when the time comes, when there’s more to tell, I’ll be there.”

The film spinoff was first announced in January 2021

While the exact details of the film’s plot are still being kept under wraps for now, creator Steven Knight recently announced that he plans to focus on one “Untold” history of World War II that sounds incredibly exciting!

It will see Tommy Shelby do it a triumphant comeback as leader of the Brummie gang, hopefully some of our favorite Shelby family members, played by Natasha O’Keeffe, Paul Anderson, Sophie Rundle, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Kate Phillips and Conrad Khan, will also return.

Cillian Murphy said he hasn’t seen the script yet

Elsewhere in the chat, the Irish actor also opened up about the Season 6 finale, saying it was him “very, very proud” of how the show ended.

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“I was very happy with the quality of the script, especially the finale – it was just excellently directed, conceived and performed by everyone.”

He continued, “I have to pay tribute to our crew. It was like the peak of the UK’s second lockdown. It was crazy the conditions we were working under and they were just amazing. I’m very, very proud of it.”

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