Pakistani Celebrities Support Aima Baig Amid Cheating Controversy

The controversy surrounding the well-known Pakistani singer Aima Baig and the actor Shahbaz Shigri never ends.

The hot topic for Pakistani media, especially social and digital, takes a new turn every day. As the controversy continues to heat up, some Pakistani celebrities openly supported the ex-couple and urged netizens not to poke their noses into their affair.

Pakistani model and socialite Mathira, VJ and TV show host Anoushey Ashraf and singer Haadi Uppal resorted to their social media attacks to defuse this traumatizing situation.

The controversy started when the bazi Singer broke her silence on her split from Shigri. Mathira addressed them rent free singer and explained: “I’m so sorry Aima Baig for what people have done to you. It’s disgusting how people jump and make a Tamasha spectacle out of someone’s private life.”

Ballistically addressing netizens’ unsolicited opinions at the expense of Shigri and Baig’s mental health, Mathira added, “What y’all are all talking about isn’t funny, being a celebrity doesn’t mean people don’t have personal lives.”

“Everyone please give Aima and Shahbaz a break. It’s her personal business, it’s weird how this girl blamed her guy as they both sat and taped the call! I think all they wanted was fame and drama. People need to relax. Stop jeopardizing people’s mental health.”

Popular TV host Anoushey Ashraf also trained keyboard warriors, telling them to keep their horses and let the exes handle their private affairs.

She explained: “I’m just sad to see the private matter of someone with such terrible taste go public. Nobody needed to hear about it. Two people decided it didn’t work – that’s it.”

Popular musician Haadi Uppal also questioned the authenticity of the allegations as there was no evidence. Uppal said: “After years of hard work and perseverance, is this how we treat our celebrities without checking the facts?! There are sensible people out there who really care about you, Aima Baig! I’m so sorry you had to go through this and I can’t even imagine what kind of headspace you would be in!”

For the rest of the world, Baig announced her split from Shigri in a lengthy statement on Instagram, but later deleted it. In the days that followed, netizens were baffled and shocked to learn of the allegations by Mair, who accused Baig of cheating on her ex-boyfriend, photographer Qes Ahmed.

Baig called the situation “direct bullying and attacking people,” while Shigri is yet to comment.

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