Netflix’s new game Poinpy is worth the download

I’m always looking for solid mobile games. They seem to be getting better month by month, plus they’re a great distraction when I feel the need to hit social media. In my search, I chose free-to-play games such as Cookie Run: Kingdom and brawl stars – Games that don’t immerse the experience in ads around every corner. And this week I found my new favorite mobile game in one of the most unlikely places: Netflix.

Poinpythe new game from Below Creator, Ojiro Fumoto, was announced during the Netflix event during Summer Game Fest last week. All you need to get the game is an active Netflix subscription. From there you need to download the mobile app, log in and search for “Poinpy” to go to the download. Trust me: it’s worth it.

The popular roguelike shooter Below led us deeper and deeper into an endless hole. Poinpy, on the other hand is a top in the truest sense of the word. For one, you will literally jump to the top endlessly. Furthermore, the game will set your mood with its charming 2D art style and bubbly soundtrack by Calum Bowen (picuniku and Nintendo’s snipper clips).

The premise is simple and reminiscent of the 2010s era of app gaming: pull backwards to make Poinpy jump up. As you jump and kick against the wall on a pillar full of platforms and enemies, you must collect the right constellation of fruits to create a delicious and nutritious fruit smoothie for the giant monster trying to eat you below.

Don’t worry about his cute looks – the game is insane and smooth as hell. You get a limited amount of jumps that reset once you land and feed the fruit to the monster. However, every time you jump, you’ll get a slow-motion scene where you can change your character’s direction. There’s also a “slam” mechanic that lets you dash onto the tops of enemies and pots to get a little boost back into the air while regenerating a jump in the process.

The game moves breathtakingly fast – you can ruin a run in a matter of moments if you screw up two smoothies or get hit by two enemies. And since I’m not a gaming god, my runs usually last a few minutes. If like me you’re bad at these types of games, there’s a puzzle mode that showcases some of the unique mechanics of each zone. Combined, all the little mechanics allow you to chain delicious combos enough to eclipse Neo’s slow-mo antics.

Although it’s free (so free with a Netflix subscription) Poinpy is as compelling as some of the top paying mobile games out there. If you don’t have an Apple Arcade subscription or are looking for the next game to while away the time you’d otherwise be wasting on social media, Poinpy is an absolute banger.

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