Netflix releases First Look at Skull Island animated series

We haven’t seen a new story in Legendary’s MonsterVerse since then Godzilla vs Kong last year. Now Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčteasing the latest entry into the universe with a new animated series. skull island. The show follows the adventures of a shipwrecked crew trying to escape from the mysterious Skull Island, home to prehistoric monsters including the Titan King Kong.

The image released by Netflix shows two characters standing in a massive footprint left by the iconic monster, giving us a taste of Kong’s sheer size in the series. The official image is below.

The series shares some similarities with the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island. The film follows a military operation and a group of explorers who are sent to Skull Island and come across the various deadly creatures and animals that can be found in the area. We can expect epic monster fights and many outstanding visual segments if the series resembles the movie franchise.


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When is Skull Island?

The 2017 film is set in the 70’s and at this time it is unknown what time period the anime will be set in. However, given some contextual clues, we can make an educated guess about the Netflix show’s timeline. For example during Kong: Skull Islandthe giant ape is still a younger primate and far from reaching its adult size seen in later iterations.

Based on the footprint size seen in the teaser image, this is a slightly older Kong but not as experienced as we see it Godzilla vs Kong. Following the events of the 2021 film, King Kong relocates from Skull Island to Hollow Earth, an underground kingdom that exists beneath the earth’s crust. Therefore, the new series is set somewhere between 1970 and 2021, with the monster close to its prime in terms of strength and size.

Brian Duffield is writing the show, responsible for films like love and monsters (2020), The babysitter (2017) and insurgent (2015), the second part of the different Franchise. Brad Graeber is the Executive Producer of skull island. In addition, he has experience with Netflix and is producing the series blood of zeus, A show that focuses on Heron, the son of Zeus, who must save the world from a demonic army. Entry at Graeber as producer of skull island is Jacob Robinson, executive producer of the upcoming Grave robbers Series. The release date for the Netflix anime is still unknown; However, since the show is still in production, it will likely hit the streaming service sometime in 2023 or early 2024.

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