Netflix Announces Games Linked to Its Popular Shows Including The Queen’s Gambit, Shadow and Bone, and More TechCrunch

At its annual Geeked Week event, Netflix announced a slew of new titles coming to its gaming service this year. Some of the new games are tied to some of Netflix’s most popular TV shows, including The Queen’s Gambit, Shadow and Bone, and Too Hot To Handle. The streaming service currently has 22 games on offer and plans to have 50 titles by the end of this year, some of which were announced today.

The upcoming Neftlix game The Queen’s Gambit: Chess will let players step into the world of Beth Harmon and take chess lessons, play games and compete against friends. The company says the game pays homage to its hit TV show. The game was developed by UK-based Ripstone and will launch sometime in 2022.

Shadow and Bone Netflix game

Photo credit: Netflix

The upcoming title Shadow and Bone: Destinies is a single-player role-playing game based on the Netflix fantasy-drama series. Users can play as their favorite characters and journey through the world of the Grishaverse in a narrative adventure to fulfill their destiny. Netflix says players will have to make choices that will determine the course of their journey throughout the game. The title was developed by Germany-based Chimera Entertainment and will be released shortly.

The company’s upcoming Too Hot To Handle game is based on the streaming service’s popular reality series of the same name. The game will see players meet and mingle with others, all vying for their affections. The title was developed by Croatia-based company Nanobit and is expected to launch soon.

La Casa De Papel Netflix Game

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The streaming service will also add a new La Casa De Papel game based on the popular Spanish crime series. Netflix says the game will engage players in a heist to rob a shady billionaire’s casino in Monaco. The game was developed by Colombian developer Killasoft and will be released soon.

The company is also launching a vertical climbing game called Poinpy, in which players jump up and feed the blue beast that’s behind them. The higher you go, the more challenging areas you will encounter. The game was developed by Japan-based team Poinpy and Ojiro Fumoto. The title was published by Devolver Digital and launches today.

Netflix also announced a new vertical scrolling game called Lucky Luna, in which players will venture into the depths of mythical temples and dungeons. Each level introduces new features that give you different ways to explore the land around you. The game, which is expected to launch later this year, was developed by Canadian developer Snowman.

The company also announced an upcoming game called Desta: The Memories Between. The game will see players overcome broken relationships and a tragic family event through a ball game. The title was developed by UK-based Ustwo Games and will be released sometime in 2022.

Netflix game Terra Nile

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The upcoming Netflix title Terra Nile is a strategic city building game with a focus on the climate crisis. The game is about rebuilding ecosystems and turning a barren wasteland into an ecological paradise. The title was developed by South Africa’s Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. The game will be released sometime in 2022.

Another game coming to the service is called Reigns: Three Kingdom, which was inspired by the Chinese epic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Players are thrown into the final years of the Han Dynasty. The game was developed by UK-based Nerial Limited and published by US-based Devolver Digital. The game launches sometime this year.

Wild Things game on Netflix

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Another game coming to the service sometime this year is called Wild Things: Animal Adventures, in which players will rescue cute animals, explore an immersive world and build their dream habitat in the match-three adventure game. The title was developed by Jam City from the USA.

The company also announced a new game called Raji: An Ancient Epic, in which a young girl has been chosen to face off against the demonic invasion of the human kingdom. The game was developed by Nodding Heads from India and is scheduled to be released later this year.

Spiritfarer Netflix game

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Last but not least, Netflix is ​​adding a game called Spiritfarer in which you play a ferrymaster for the deceased. You must build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care for ghosts before releasing them into the afterlife. The game was developed by Thunder Lotus Games from Canada and will be released sometime this year.

These upcoming games will join the 22 titles currently available in Netflix’s games catalog, including Stranger Things 3: The Game, Stranger Things: 1984, Card Blast, Shooting Hoops, Asphalt Xtreme, Krispee Street, Moonlighter, Exploding Kittens: The Game, Knittens and more.

To access the titles on Android, you need to tap on the new Games tab in the Netflix app for Android, where the games are listed. After selecting a title, users are redirected to the Google Play Store to install the games like any other app. Once the games are downloaded, they can be played at any time by tapping them in the Netflix app or on the home screen of an Android device. For iOS, Netflix uses a similar system, directing users to Apple’s App Store for downloads. The games also require users to authenticate themselves with their Netflix membership information in order to begin playing.

Netflix launched its gaming service in November 2021 and is adding new games to its catalog every month. The titles are currently free to play and contain no in-app purchases. The company sees games as a way to grow and maintain its existing subscriber base.

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