Maverick’s streaming release is reportedly dependent on Tom Cruise

According to Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni, Top Gun: Maverick’s streaming release date is reportedly dependent on Tom Cruise’s decision.

Top Gun: MaverickAccording to Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni, Tom Cruise’s streaming release date is reportedly dependent on Tom Cruise’s decision. Set 36 years after the events of Tony Scott’s classic 1986 film top gun, the long-awaited sequel to Legacy, sees Navy pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell returning to the Top Gun program to train a new generation of fighter pilots. Among them is Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, son of Maverick’s late RIO and best friend Goose, who forces him to confront his past.

Tom Cruise returns to lead the loner cast alongside him as the eponymous test pilot top gun co-star Val Kilmer, who reprises his role as Iceman for a brief but meaningful cameo. The rest of the cast is made up entirely of newcomers to the franchise, including Miles Teller as Hahn, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris and Monica Barbaro. oblivion Helmer Joseph Kosinski reunites with Cruise on the top gun Sequel, directing a screenplay that Impossible Mission‘s Christopher McQuarrie was involved in the tinkering. Since its theatrical release on 27. Top Gun: Maverick was showered with praise for its breathtaking flight sequences and surprisingly heartfelt story. It has since exceeded box office expectations and broken numerous records on its way to being the highest-grossing film of the year.


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In his podcast The City with Matthew Belloni, The Hollywood insider shared an update on… Top Gun: Maverick‘s streaming release date. Belloni revealed that the decision that top gun The continuation of streaming does not depend on Paramount but on Cruise, who seems to be in full control. Read what Belloni shared below:

The last thing I saw at Paramount was that the window is 120 days, but Paramount would like to go back to Tom Cruise and negotiate a shorter window to capture some of the home video revenue, be it premium video-on- Demand, be it on their streaming service Paramount+, not yet determined. I know Paramount would love to put this movie on a streaming service very soon. But if it keeps going in theaters the way it’s going there’s really no incentive for Tom Cruise to agree to that other than money, and he’s a strong believer in the theater ecosystem and he’s in control of this film in his deal.

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If Belloni’s reporting is correct, Top Gun: Maverick will likely remain in theaters exclusively for 120 days, a huge window even by pre-pandemic standards. For most of 2021 and 2022, Paramount has stuck to a 45-day theatrical window for releases such as A Quiet Place Part II, donkey forever, Sonic the Hedgehog 2and Scream. Considering Cruise’s first dollar is gross and, as a producer, he has tremendous control over his projects, it’s a no-brainer for the movie star to keep Top Gun: Maverick in theaters for as long as he can.

This is not good news for those who want to see it Top Gun: Maverick Hit streaming sooner rather than later, but a very welcome update for those who appreciate the theatrical experience like Cruise does. He and his co-stars underwent a grueling flight training program to make the film as practical and realistic as possible, while avoiding CGI and green screens at all costs. Top Gun: Maverick is a film tailor-made for the cinematic experience, so it should benefit from it for as long as possible.

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Source: The City with Matthew Belloni

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