Masked woman confronts S’porean streamer and kicks food away, police arrive to handle situation

Masked woman throws away food from local streamer in Buona Vista

Streamers are always on the lookout for new content, even if it’s bizarre encounters.

A local Twitch streamer got a huge dose of it on Tuesday (June 28) when he encountered a masked woman while livestreaming with his wife in Buona Vista.

The couple were sitting in front of Star Vista, just about to deepen their dinner after a hard day’s work, when a woman confronted them about her camera.

A friendly exchange soon turned violent when she threatened to “kick your (the streamer’s) ass” after he answered her questions.

Then she walked over to the couple and kicked their food bags across the floor.

In retaliation, the couple hit back and called the police. What came next was a bizarre series of actions, with the masked lady taking center stage in the ongoing livestream.

Luckily, the police came to deal with the situation and allowed the couple to leave after statements were taken.

Masked woman went “Karen” on local streamer

On Tuesday (June 28), local Twitch streamer Clarence “3wh33ler” Kang was live and in the middle of a lengthy recording.

About 12 hours into his stream, Mr. Kang and his wife settled in front of the Buona Vista MRT after dinner.

Sitting on the floor of the covered walkway and with some to-go snacks in some bags nearby, the pair chatted to each other while happily interacting with viewers online.

Their shared laughter seemed to annoy a masked woman walking past them towards the MRT station.

The masked woman turned and walked over to the couple and confronted them with her live streaming camera.

She rebuked the couple, saying, “Actually, you shouldn’t be doing this.”

Source: 3wh33ler on Twitch

She pointed to the camera and instructed the streamer to turn it off before calling the police.

In his defense, Mr. Kang said he was only talking to his friends and told her that if she wanted, she could call the police.

Masked woman kicks snacks after exchange of words

After this exchange, the woman turned back and walked away. Mr. Kang then went on to say, “Ma’am, go ahead. Many Thanks. Have a nice day”.

Apparently triggered by this phrase, she returned and said to him, “Don’t call me ma’am, I won’t teach you anything.”

She then asked Mr. Kang to kick him. She reiterated the point by threatening, “You want me to kick your ass?”

The masked woman then walked over the seated couple and kicked their plastic bags of groceries off the floor.

Source: 3wh33ler on Twitch

Shocked and understandably upset by her actions, Mr. Kang threw a plastic bag at the masked woman. His wife also slapped the woman on the back and asked her what she was doing.

Amid intense questioning from the couple, the previously vocal woman now went quiet.

In the meantime, Mr. Kang managed to calm down and asked his wife to call the police.

Masked woman follows streamer like a shadow

After the events were relayed to emergency services, the couple kept their distance from the masked woman.

However, it seemed to annoy her more to keep her updated as she basically kept “chasing” Mr. Kang around.

Source: 3wh33ler on Twitch

While the stream was still live, one of the viewers suggested that he stand on a nearby patch of grass, an area the masked woman apparently avoided.

Following her advice, Mr. Kang stood in the middle of the grass and teased the masked woman for cracking the code.

However, she defiantly removed her slippers and continued to pursue him, prompting him to keep running away.

The commotion also drew the attention of passers-by, who asked Mr. Kang’s wife what was going on.

Breaks into song and makes high pitched bird sounds

A lady in a hijab probably grew weary of the masked woman’s antics and entered to put an end to her pursuit.

When the lady held her down, Mr. Kang and his wife stood nearby and waited for the police to arrive.

Out of the blue, the masked woman then began making what can only be described as “bird sounds.”

Chirping, she made her way into the stillness of the night, trying to wriggle out of the hijab’s grasp.

However, her attempts to escape failed as the lady continued to pin her to the ground.

With nowhere to run from, the masked woman lay on the ground, seemingly defeated. Oddly enough, she then started breaking into song.

After her first song, she let out a few more high-pitched screams that went up and down her octave.

She sang another song but was interrupted when the police finally got to the scene.

Officers arrive at the scene to take over

At one point in the clip, a male and female officer can be seen approaching the group to deal with the case.

Mr. Kang then stopped his live stream momentarily to give the officials his statement.

After a few minutes, the power was back on and the pair cleaned up the mess before leaving the area.

As they walked away, the masked woman stopped at the curb and both officers spoke to her.

Looking back on the strange sequence of events, Mr. Kang thanked the woman in the headscarf for saving her.

I’m glad the bizarre encounter didn’t turn into anything serious

While the bizarre event may be intriguing to some, we should avoid speculating as we may not know what prompted the lady to act in this way.

If she needs any kind of help, we hope she gets some soon.

Otherwise, we’re glad that nothing too serious came of this unusual interaction and that the couple didn’t escalate it any further.

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Post image adapted from 3wh33ler on Twitch.

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