Martin Lewis’ wife, Lara, covers facial scars after a horrific injury as she returns to work

Lara Lewington, wife of money expert Martin Lewis, has revealed she used “heavy make-up” to cover her facial scars when she returned to work earlier this month after a horrific accident.

Two weeks after the fall, Lara, 43, gave fans an update that her stitches have luckily healed and revealed she had used layers of makeup to hide the scars from the incident when she returned to work.

Sharing a snap from the set where she was filming a bit in front of the camera in her job as a journalist, Lara said: “Today for the first time in a while I shot myself quickly a few bits into the camera to finish a story .”

She added: “Was pretty happy with the lighting, sound, capture, makeup (when scars were hidden) and then took a selfie of everything before inserting the clip to finish my edit. Although I don’t want to do this to the end myself all the time, it feels good to know that I can.

Lara was relieved to be able to cover up her scars with layers of makeup as she snapped a bit in front of the camera herself
Lara Lewington covered her facial scars as she returned to work

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The star also went on to say that he’s now “cleaned up and stitched up” after the accident and very “grateful it wasn’t worse.”

Unsurprisingly, the accident also put Lara off e-scooters, and the TV star vowed never to use one again.

After the post, a follower assured the journalist that she looked great while commenting on her professionalism to keep going.

They wrote: “What a ‘professional’ and delighted that you are able to disguise the scars which are certainly not visible at all.”

6 days after the injury, Lara shared an update with fans that she was healing well
Lara shared an update with fans to say it’s healing well

Lara Lewington suffered serious lacerations to her face and lip after the fall, which meant she needed multiple stitches
Lara suffered severe cuts on her face and lip after the fall

The TV presenter suffered the injuries on June 4 after falling from an electric scooter in a crash that left the blonde star with cuts on her forehead and upper lip that required stitches to close.

After the accident, Lara shared photos of her bloodied face with her fans and explained what happened on social media.

She wrote, “As an extremely clumsy person, always shaky on two wheels, riding an e-scooter would never have been a good idea.”

TV presenter and journalist Lara Lewington is married to savings expert Martin Lewis
Lara is married to savings expert Martin Lewis

While her husband Martin is best known for his work as a money saving expert, helping people navigate the often confusing world of personal finance, Lara also has an impressive CV under her belt, with the presenter and journalist currently working on BBC Technology with presented program click.

Lara previously worked as a weather presenter for Channel 5 and has appeared on numerous television programs including ITV’s The Impressionable Jon Culshaw, BBC Two’s Newsnight, ITV’s Britain’s Best Dish and BBC’s Let’s Dance For Sports Relief.

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