Marilyn Monroe Biopic “Blonde”: Plot, Cast, Trailer & Release Date

These days, the world can’t stop thinking about — and relating to — Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jean Baker).

And now, a month after Kim Kardashian wore them iconic ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ dress, it’s a biopic about the star on the go.

Created by Netflix, the biopic about Monroe, titled Blond, the streaming giant is already breaking new ground. The film is already tagged with an R18+ rating and is certified for its adult-only content.

Sitting compared to the other Monroe portrayals, for example Michelle Williams’ My week with Marilynthe concept of her bomb status comes under the spotlight in the upcoming film.

With knife out and Deep water Starring Ana de Armas, the film is produced by Brad Pitt and directed by Australian director Andrew Dominik, along with a supporting cast playing some of the greatest figures in culture and history of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Below is everything we know (so far) about the Marilyn Monroe biopic. Blond.

What is the plot of Blond?

While the world already knows all about the trials and tribulations of Marilyn Monroe’s life, the biopic is based on a book of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates.

The 700-page historical novel followed Monroe’s life — and her personal life in particular — and explored the theory that Monroe’s death in 1962 was actually an assassination attempt. Oates’ novel was so popular that it was adapted into a two-part miniseries just a year after the book hit shelves.

As for Blond‘s screenplay, it looks like Oates didn’t play a major role in writing it. Instead, the loan was paid to Dominik. Oates has already shared her public support for the project, calling the footage, which she has already tweeted, “brilliant.”

Joyce Carol Oates


Who is thrown in Blond?

As we already know, de Armas plays Monroe himself, while the rest of the film’s cast consists of several household names.

acc time outAdrien Brody will play the playwright, also known as Monroe’s husband, death of a seller writer Arthur Miller; and Bobby Cannavale will star as an ex-athlete, also a husband of Monroe, Yankees superstar Joe DiMaggio. They will be joined by Casper Phillipson, who will play former US President John F. Kennedy.

Produced by Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B Entertainment, the film will also be voiced by famed musician Nick Cave.

Taking to Instagram, de Armas shared Monroe’s heartfelt wishes on her 96th birthday, referring to her by her birth name, Norma.

“I can’t wait to celebrate you this year. ♥️”

Marilyn Monroe


What is the release date for Blond?

When Marilyn Monroe fans can expect to watch Blond, the film is slated to debut at the Venice Film Festival in September 2022 and head to Netflix not long after. However, an official release date is not yet known.

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