Makeup artist Arvind Kaur’s top tips for brides-to-be

The beauty industry is teeming with makeup artists as the profession has gained immense popularity over the years. The renowned celebrity makeup artist has carved a niche for herself in the crowded field with her hard work and in-depth understanding of makeup concepts. She specializes in bridal makeup and is known for transforming looks with her talent and finesse. Arvind doesn’t believe in forced makeup and works closely with her clients to help them achieve a natural glow.

A bride by Arvind Kaur looks like a miracle and she does her makeup to make the bride look the most photogenic for her special day. It’s a bride-to-be’s dream to be dressed up by Arvind Kaur.

Arvind Kaur gives all brides-to-be a few tips for getting glowing skin for the first time. She has emphasized the use of homemade facials to keep youthful skin intact. Brides are usually stressed before the wedding and therefore it is even more important to take care of their skin in time so that their natural beauty is not faded by the last moment stress. She also suggests avoiding new products before her wedding day. She adds that insomnia leads to dark circles, pimples, and darkening of the skin. Therefore, it is important that the bride sleeps well. In addition, skin care 2-3 months before the wedding day is advisable. A properly fortified diet of omega oil and plenty of water intake is key to glowing skin.

Arvind Kaur had worked closely with Bollywood stars like Malaika Arora, Kainaat Arora, Urvashi Rautela, Sana Khan, Mouni Roy and many others.

Arvind Kaur, the MUA’s expert, said the lockdown period could be used by brides-to-be to experiment with their looks. She said: “Don’t worry and use the lockdown time to create some good creative looks, using different colors for the eyes and getting a little bolder with the eyeliner and you can always make a difference by They sometimes add neon colors, these times are certainly uncertain, but we can always experiment a little with the looks and feel the beauty of creativity, keeping the base subtle and the highlighter on point, with the face perfectly contoured and a peachy hue Blush on the cheeks!”

Arvind Kaur is viewed as a magician by her clients, many of whom regard her as their idol. She is truly the make-up artist par excellence.

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