Macaiyla is deleting tweets explaining her latest Twitch ban

Twitch streamer Macaiyla was recently banned from Twitch, but fans weren’t sure exactly what caused her to be banned from the streaming platform. Now Macaiyla has revealed exactly what happened.

Macaiyla has been seen as a controversial figure in the streaming community for her outlandish tweets and behavior. She has made potentially harmful statements about Koreans after traveling to South Korea, which many believed was the reason for her suspension on June 3. But Macaiyla assured her viewers that wasn’t the case, saying in early June she was “shocked”. for this reason.

“My ban is two weeks. I will of course appeal. It was hateful behavior towards a group and NO, it wasn’t Korean/Asian. I’m still shocked by the reasoning,” Macaiyla tweeted at the time.

Macaiyla reveals the reason for the controversial Twitch ban

It hasn’t been two weeks but Macaiyla has decided to go ahead and share the reason for her suspension. In a since-deleted tweet, Macaiyla admitted it was a statement to the British people that got her in hot water.

“I was popular on a British vocabulary quiz on Merriam-Webster. After I finished the quiz, I called the Brits “disgusting sounding R—s”. I went on ranting about never wanting to hear the Brits speak again. That’s why I got banned. Sorry Brits,” Macaiyla said.

The tirade most likely resulted in a suspension not only for xenophobic behavior towards Britons but also for using an insult that is offensive to people with disabilities. Twitch’s Terms of Service state that hate speech is not allowed on the platform.

The streaming community was generally surprised by Macaiyla’s take on the situation, as she previously claimed she was “thinking” about her behavior. But it now appeared Macaiyla wasn’t taking the situation quite so seriously after making such a flippant statement and then claiming she would try to appeal the ban.

In another deleted tweet, Macaiyla continued.

“I think someone just wanted to ban me,” Macaiyla said.

Some followers accused Macaiyla of continuing her “edgy” shtick, saying her statements made her sound like she was just trying to troll people. Others felt she would face more serious consequences for her continued behavior but that she was protected by her relationship with popular streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp. Still others just wanted the whole thing over and agreed with Macaiyla that their last suspension wasn’t worth it to begin with.

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