Lily Allen’s husband David Harbor shares rare glimpse into ‘really special’ stepdad duties

Actor David Harbor has opened up about his “special” life as stepdad to Lily Allen’s two daughters.

While the 47-year-old said in a recent interview that he described the role as “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with,” he added that his bond with his wife’s children is great, having spent a lot of time with them has spent them.

David married Lily, 37, in Las Vegas in 2020 after a tumultuous year of romance and is now helping to look after their daughters Ethel, 10, and Marine, nine, who she shares with ex-husband Sam Cooper.

David gave the Times a rare glimpse into his adjusted family life: “I’ve learned a lot about myself. You have to be really selfless in helping other people.

Actor David Harbor has shared a rare glimpse of his "Special" Life as stepfather to wife Lily Allen's daughters
Actor David Harbor has given wife Lily Allen’s daughters a rare glimpse into his ‘special’ life as a stepfather

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“I was like, ‘Whoa, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.’ The relationship I have with them now is really, really special. But you know, it takes time and effort.”

The Stranger Things star has never been married and has no children from a previous relationship.

David recently appeared with Lily and his stepchildren in the Stranger Things Season 4 premiere, in which he plays a father figure in his significantly younger cast.

The 47-year-old described the role as "the hardest thing i've ever done" in a new interview
The 47-year-old described the role as “the hardest thing I’ve ever done” in a new interview.

David mentioned investing "time and effort" Bonding with his stepkids since he's in their life
David mentioned putting in “time and effort” to forging bonds with his stepchildren since he’s in their life

The actor spoke about using his parenting instincts on the hit Netflix show as he continued, “I mean, I’m trying my best. And there were times when I was overly protective and times when I was less.

“The best thing I can offer you is that I started this show when they were all kids. And I can still treat them like idiot kids.

“The world can’t do that, the world treats them like superstars. So I’m just trying to love them, and you know, let them go and treat them like idiots because nobody else does.”

David has adjusted to life as a stepdad after marrying singer Lily in Las Vegas in 2020
David has adjusted to life as a stepdad after marrying singer Lily in Las Vegas in 2020

David will be back in Stranger Things when it returns for its final installment next month, and has two film projects in the works that are expected to be released later this year.

Ms Lily has also been busy in recent months after making her West End debut in the critically acclaimed play 2:22 Ghost Story.

The star recently received an Olivier Award nomination for her role, which husband David is particularly pleased about, adding: “Not just ‘good’, she’s also been nominated for an Olivier Award, holy shit! Yes, she was afraid of it. I really encouraged her to do it.”

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