Lightyear 2 Sequel update and everything we know so far

Now that Pixar’s Lightyear has come out, the possibility of a sequel must be examined. Lightyear is a spin-off of the Toy Story series. It tells the story of how the young astronaut Buzz light year got his start (voiced by Chris Evans).

Buzz takes it upon himself to find a way back home when he, his CO Alisha Hawthorne and the rest of his crew are stranded on a distant planet. With Buzz Lightyear being part of one of the most popular animated series of all time, it’s inevitable that there will be talk of a sequel as it shows a different side of the fictional world.

Lightyear 2 release

When Lightyear hit theaters, most people liked what they heard about it. But by Toy Story standards, Lightyear’s reviews are mixed. It may not be that the animated film is bad per se, but that the Toy Story films set the standards too high for Buzz Lightyear.

The animation and voice acting, particularly by Evans and Peter Sohn, who plays Sox, Buzz’s robotic cat, has received critical acclaim. On the other hand, some reviews say that the villain isn’t very interesting, the story is difficult to follow, and the characters face problems that aren’t necessary.

Typically, a studio will make a sequel if it feels the first film did well at the box office and with critics. Lightyear is expected to gross at least $70 million in the United States and Canada in its first weekend.

But based on early reviews and the fact that Toy Story fans are very loyal, it’s not impossible for Lightyear to do well at the box office. Here’s what we know about Lightyear 2, although there are no official plans or announcements yet.

Will Pixar make a second film?

Pixar’s decision to expand the Toy Story franchise by focusing on Buzz Lightyear is already a surprising gamble, but it will likely pay off. Despite this, Lightyear director Angus MacLane said he would be interested in seeing more of Buzz’s adventures.

He also said that there are many stories in the fictional universe, but that his main focus is currently on Lightyear. Given how long and popular the Toy Story films have been, it’s not impossible that Buzz Lightyear will get his own sequel, but that will largely depend on how well it is received by audiences.

Who could come back for Lightyear 2?

If there’s a second movie, most of the main characters from the first will likely be back. Chris Evans will likely play the main character again. Sox, Izzy, Mo and Darby, who were also part of the Galactic Rangers, could also return.

That means Peter Sohn, Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi and Dale Soules were all heard again. Commander Burnside is still in charge of Buzz, so Isiah Whitlock Jr. could come back as well.

The Story of Lightyear 2: Does the First Movie Set the Second?

At the end of “Lightyear,” Buzz assumes command of the revived Galactic Ranger Corps and sends his team on their first mission. In a sequel, the space crew could have more adventures and face and defeat another villain.

Lightyear’s third scene after the credits also raises the idea of ​​a sequel. It ends on a cliffhanger that could be the main conflict of the next film or the subject of another film set in the Toy Story universe.

When is Lightyear 2 coming out?

In 2016, right after MacLane finished Finding Dory, the process of making Lightyear began. It took Pixar four years to break the news and another six years to complete the film, which is not an unusual amount of time for animated films.

If a Buzz Lightyear sequel were made, it probably wouldn’t take that long to complete because the world of the first film was already set up. So if anything is said this year, Lightyear 2 may not appear until at least 2024.

Will there ever be a fifth Toy Story?

Toy Story 4, which marked the end of the first three films, was released in 2019. Although it was never advertised as the final book in the series, it felt like the ending.

The characters found new goals and pursued their own fortunes, and Woody, the show’s main toy, was sadly said goodbye. But there’s still a good chance Pixar will make Toy Story 5.

Woody has his own adventures and the old gang adjusts to the changes that life brings. But based on the films schedule, it could be a while before Toy Story 5 even gets filmed as the studio needs to focus on Lightyear and its upcoming films, which could include Lightyear 2.

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