League of Legends streamer Tyler1 has his say on the South Korean server

Twitch star Tyler “Tyler1” ended his challenge series in South Korea and had his final thoughts on the players on the server. From the sound of it, Tyler1 didn’t have a pleasant experience and expressed his dislike for various players hindering his rank advancement.

Additionally, the twitch streamer also mentioned the spread of immense toxicity as several South Korean players were racist in the game:

“You are quite racist, I will not lie. Solo queue is pretty bad. They often thought I was Chinese. That never goes well.”

Tyler1 finishes his Autofill to Challenger series and gives his opinion on the South Korean LoL server

The Twitch sensation relocated to South Korea on May 1st to begin his latest series called Autofill to Challenger.

On June 4, the Missouri native shared his thoughts and opinions on the rankings after hosting his final 14-hour stream in South Korea.

The streamer found it difficult to advance to the higher ranks in the game as he was being attacked by various players. According to the LoL content creator, players on the South Korean servers have never listened to his game-winning calls.

Tyler expressed his disappointment, stating:

“Yeah like I said bro the server is really bad because no one is listening there is no macro play like in the peak. There is no macro, there is no listening. I’m really good at game IQ, like I’m really good at knowing where other people are, so if you don’t listen, I lose part of my game.”

Timestamp: 14:08:32

The Twitch streamer went on to mention the negative impact of the tipping on the South Korean server.

Tilting is a state of mind that causes players to make hasty decisions that are usually driven by emotion rather than strategy. Speaking about it, the streamer said:

“And then I flip really hard and on this server if you flip really hard the other people get flipped and they remember you flipped so they do it every time you’re in the game. Like actually, so it’s pretty f***ed.”

Tyler1 then talked about how racist the players were and assumed he was Chinese. He concluded his experience with the South Korean League of Legends server by saying:

“And apart from that, the tilt sprees, it’s pretty hard because I don’t do it; so we bet on it and i cant on it so its just damn it! It’s like impossible to trade.”

The streamer explained that it wasn’t a good experience playing in South Korea and ended his stream moments later.

Fans are reacting to Tyler1’s experience in South Korea

Tyler’s clip was one of the featured posts on the game’s official subreddit r/LeagueofLegends, with more than 600 fans giving their opinions. Fans were amazed to see the streamer had played 774 games in 32 days. One Redditor concluded that Tyler played at least 22 games a day.

Redditors spoke about Tyler’s comments about racist players, comparing them to a similar opinion from popular Twitch streamer Cowsep, known for his Master Yi Mastery and gameplay.

Some fans gave their observations on Tyler’s LoL games.

Tyler finished his ranked promotion in the Masters rank with 105 LP (League Points) and had a 53% win rate. Draven, Ivern, Karma, and Pyke were his most played champions.

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