Kramer’s 10 Most Awkward Celebrity Encounters

During Jerry Seinfeld’s directorial debut Unfrosted According to rumors, there will be a release on Netflix in autumn 2022, fans of the His field The co-creator’s hit sitcom remains as true as ever. There are many opinions as to why this is still the case after so many years, but one of the most common answers is from Cosmo Kramer. The character’s endearing and often bizarre antics have simply stood the test of time.

As a proud New Yorker, Kramer is used to bumping into the occasional celebrity. But while he may have an extensive history of celebrity run-ins His field, very few of these encounters are actually positive. Whether it’s a case of nervousness, misguided ego, or just plain ignorance, Kramer has repeatedly demonstrated his inability to connect with any level of celebrity, and audiences have loved every moment of his fruitless attempts.


10 Candice Bergen

Candice Bergan talks to Kramer about the Murphy Brown episode

In the late 1980s through the late 1990s, Candice Bergen starred in the hit TV series Murphy Brown. After moving to Los Angeles in Seinfeld’s In the third season, Kramer gets a role Murphy Brown and even manages to have a brief scene with mountains.

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While Kramer’s scene with Bergen isn’t exactly embarrassing, in the next episode he is seen naively calling CBS expecting to speak to her. It’s that kind of slightly twisted optimism that colors Kramer’s experience with Bergen and makes the experience and the character he plays on the show, Steven Snell, uncomfortable.

9 Rachel Walch

Kramer holds the Emmy Award while speaking to Raquel Welch in her dressing room

Raquel Welch, best known for her status as a sex symbol in the 1960s, really took off with her role as Loana in the 1966 film A million years B.C At the time she had a guest appearance His field By 1997, Kramer was already a firm favorite.

After Kramer fires Welch from a Broadway musical for not moving her arms while dancing, she attacks him. It’s not the first time in His field that Kramer gets into a physical altercation with a celebrity, but his fear and Welch’s considerable anger make this probably the worst encounter with a celebrity he’s witnessed on the show.

8th Fred Savage

Kramer is nervous about meeting Fred Savage at a coffee shop

As a star of The Wonderful YearsSavage was a well-known TV personality when he appeared in guest roles for a short time His field in 1992. Though usually cool and collected, Kramer was anything but when he approached Savage at a Los Angeles coffee shop.

Nervousness turned Kramer into an awkward, extremely awkward fan and brought out a whole different side of him — one not often repeated on the show. Although fans know Kramer is harmless, it’s understandable why Savage flees. Kramer’s behavior was nothing short of abnormal.

7 Woody Allen

Close-up of Kramer during the

Given that His field should be a show about New Yorkers, it’s no surprise that Woody Allen was mentioned. At the time, Allen was still shooting most of his films in New York, which provided the perfect opportunity for Kramer to get involved.

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And of course, Kramer’s knack for self-sabotage in the presence of celebrities continued here as well. The beloved character was pulled from production after accidentally injuring Allen. Whether it was bad luck or just who Kramer is, his track record with celebrities remains undeniably abysmal.

6 Arthur Mueller

Kramer looks nervous in the restaurant after lying about being part of the Tony Award-winning production

Since the Pulitzer Prize-winning author appeared on the show in name only, it meant Kramer was free to develop a friendship with him. The result was that Kramer told a group of people in the theater business that he had once tried to get Miller to change the title of his then-unknown play. death of a sellerto life of a seller.

While Kramer’s story may not sound too far-fetched, he’s apparently unaware that Miller wrote the play in 1948. Considering Kramer was in his late 30s in the mid-1990s, being old enough to talk to Miller about a title change should have been impossible. Lying is bad enough, but bad lying is really pathetic.

5 Bette Midler

Kramer cradles Bette Midler's head and sings to her The Wind Beneath My Wings

Legendary singer and actress Bette Midler joined the ranks His field Cast in 1995 for the episode The understudy. As a result, Kramer is only too pleased to ingratiate himself with a reluctant Midler while she’s in the hospital.

Watching Kramer reveal his head over heels love for Midler is funny, but it gets a little weird — fast. It’s awkward to say the least. On the other hand, it provides some pretty solid evidence of how much audiences loved Kramer, regardless of how completely absurd he was acting.

4 Jon Voight

Close-up of Jon Voight biting Kramer's arm in Seinfeld

That brief moment when Oscar winner Jon Voight showed up His field, he literally made the strangest impression on Kramer. While running alongside Voight’s departing cab in a frantic attempt to talk to him, Kramer instead gets a bite from the star on his arm.

Again, who else but Kramer could this happen to? Incidents of celebrities attacking their fans are extremely rare, but somehow Kramer made it believable that he could be bitten by an Oscar winner. As terrifying as a scenario is, it’s hard to deny its comedic value.

3 Mickey coat

Close-up of Kramer feeling embarrassed for hitting Mickey Mantle

This is another of Kramer’s celebrity encounters that fans unfortunately didn’t get to see. In the fourth season episode “The visa”Kramer comes home early from the baseball fantasy camp he was at because of an “incident” with Mantle.

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Curiously, when the episode aired, Mantel had been dead for over a year. Seinfeld’s The creators are known Mantle fans, so maybe Kramer’s clash with the baseball legend is meant as a tribute in a weird way. Left to the imagination, the idea of ​​Kramer messing with the likes of Mantle is an embarrassing but endlessly funny situation.

2 Uma Thurman

Elaine, Jerry and Kramer stand outside, Kramer happy to get Uma Thurman's number

Thurman’s connection to His field Unfortunately, Kramer is upset about having received it just because of the name pulp fiction Stern’s phone number. While audiences never see Thurman actually interact with Kramer, the premise is enough to keep them hooked.

Kramer has an uncanny knack for setting off catastrophic chains of events, no matter how harmless things seem at first. After finding out his hand lotion dissolved Uma’s phone number, he’s stuck knowing she’ll think he ghosted her. It’s a terrible position to be in, especially after the initial high of meeting Thurman and the victory of getting her number.

1 Regis & Kathy Lee

Kramer seated at Regis and Kathie Lee's show (all three pictured)

The late Regis Philbin and his co-host Kathie Lee Gifford worked together on the morning talk show for over a decade. Live with Regis & Kathie Lee. it was in Seinfeld’s fifth season in which the release of Kramer’s illustrated book brought his promotional tour to life.

It’s hard to imagine starting a book tour more terrifying than Kramer’s misfortune Live with Regis & Kathie Lee Experience. Thrown into a fit by bad coffee, his decision to just spit it out was a bad one, to say the least. Kramer’s inability to master his quirks in favor of live television proves he’s just too unpredictable for any kind of celebrity status.

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