KJ Wright returns home to host a celebrity alumni basketball game

Superbowl 48 champion and Olive Branch native Kj Wright returns home in hopes of raising money for high school athletics.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Superbowl champion and olive branch native KJ Wright returned home from Seattle to host a charity event. Where I asked him for all the details the community needed to know to attend the celebrity basketball game.

Question: How does it feel to be back home?

KJ Wright: β€œIt feels good. It’s been cold out in Seattle trying to adjust to this weather, but it feels good to be back home.”

Question: Why are you here again today? I bid you return to your high school in a big way.

KJ Wright: β€œYeah, just playing at Olive Branch High School was absolutely amazing. Friday night lights play soccer. My soccer team was undefeated my senior year. We were one of the best teams to come out of Olive Branch. I was a dual-sport athlete and that’s why I’m in town now to host my first annual alumni basketball game for charity and I’m so excited to make it happen. It’s going to be a three-point competition where we go back to the 70’s to the 2000’s and we’re going to be in this basketball game.”

Question: You’re raising money for the sports programs, right?

KJ Wright: Yeah, so all the money goes straight to the school. I don’t take a penny from it, it all goes straight to the schools to put back into the sports programs just to help with the basics. Cleats, trips, jerseys and just to keep these kids active keep them growing to give them something exciting to look forward to. Exercise is definitely a way to get out of the house, get off social media, just get out there and have a good time.”

Question: Tickets for this event are selling out fast so tell everyone what to expect, where to find the tickets and what they will see when they get there.

KJ Wright: To make it easier just go to my Instagram or Twitter, Kj_wright34 and just click on the link. We only have about 200 tickets left so I suggest you buy them now because Friday night is going to be special. We’re going to have food trucks out there, DJs when you come in, photo booths out there, and some all-stars playing in that alumni game from back in the day. At halftime we will be honoring people who have done great things in the community. My coach died, one of my teammates died, so we’re going to honor their families. It’s going to be a very special night and I can’t wait for it to come to life.”

Question: Okay, we talked about you being at the highest level. So I’m taking you back to Superbowl 48. Which was the Superbowl you all won, a smash against the Broncos where you were just recovering from an injury, right?

KJ Wright: β€œYes, this year has been emotional for me. I was even a little hesitant that I would play in that game because I broke my foot late in the season, but thank god I had really good athletic trainers who got me back to full health just from being in that game , absolutely everything was me. It’s every football player’s dream to play in the Super Bowl. I’m just excited that these young kids could have someone to look up to. I just thank God for putting me in a position to show these kids that I’m in your shoes. I was in elementary school, I was in middle school. I’ve done some things that I wish I could take back and so he’ll enable me to come back to town and the kids will have someone to look up to. I’m just glad I’m in this position.

Question: Like he said, if you want to find this information to go to this charity basketball game… the money goes to a great cause to support the northern Mississippi athletic program at Olive Branch High and you can do it on his find Instagram, now we’re going on break.

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