Jurassic World Dominion jumps to $389M WW while Top Gun 2 accelerates to $747M – Deadline

Update for latest…: Big action at the global and international box office this weekend as Universal/Amblin Entertainment Jurassic World Dominion has taken its dino print to a further 57 overseas markets and together with last weekend’s leftovers has generated estimated sales $176.6M to raise the offshore cume $245.8M until Sunday. With the Threequel’s pounding home bow, the global tally has hit a cog $389.1M.

Simultaneously Paramount/Skydance’s Top Gun: Maverick still racing ahead as it surpassed $700 million worldwide, with (a fairly fitting) $747 million til today. The Tom Cruise star added $52.7M in 64 overseas markets during the third frame, another huge drop of just 39% – despite losing the majority of IMAX screens to the dinosaurs. The international cume is now $353.7M as domestic approaches $400 million.

Will this phenomenon exceed $1 billion worldwide? The signs are now clearly pointing to this. Nice, loner is on track to become Cruise’s biggest overtaker globally Mission: Impossible – Fallout shortly.

We’ll cover full details on both films as we update them, but here are some early benchmarks for the Colin Trevorrow-directed film domination: 16 foreign markets had the largest franchise opening weekend including previews, 12 markets had the largest franchise opening weekend excluding previews, and three markets delivered Universal’s third largest opening weekend ever.

The Chris Pratt/Bryce Dallas Howard star who sees the return of the 1993’s Legacy cast Jurassic Park also scored #1 starts in 52 of the 57 new markets. These debuts (excluding China – more on that below – and excluding previews) are 11% below 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and 29% below 2015 Jurassic world, both at today’s rates. They also came up 38% above it loner.

JWD notably brought in $52.5 million China for the biggest Hollywood title opening there that year. As noted yesterday, it became the best studio film of 2022, performing almost as well as Jurassic world for the three-day; the earlier film opened on a Wednesday.

This is all the more impressive given that around 20% of cinemas in China remain closed, including all of Shanghai and some Beijings.

Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, director of sales at Universal Pictures International, told Deadline, “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. It’s a true testament to the enduring love for this franchise and a monumental collaboration between filmmakers and cast, the Universal team around the world, and exhibitors everywhere.”

domination also grossed $25 million on global IMAX, the format’s fourth-best global opening of all time for a Universal title. Internationally, IMAX landed its fifth-best opening weekend for a Universal film at $12.7 million, including $6.3 million from China, the biggest Hollywood debut since May 2021.

As for loner and IMAX, the global box office, has reached $75.6 million, making it the format’s biggest release of 2022.

Both loner and domination have runway ahead as next big June release is family oriented light year by Disney/Pixar. Everyone also has an ace up their sleeve. Top gun 2 heads to cruise-loving Korea on June 23 JWD releases July 29 in Japan, a strong market for the franchise.

Breakdowns and more details will be updated below:



The threequel that welcomes the cast of the 1993 original Jurassic Park bowed early in 15 offshore markets last session, snagging $55.7 million. In that session, it opened its jaws further to include another 57 markets – it finished 1st in 52 of those – and brought in another $176.6M. This raises the Offshore Cume $245.8M. Starting domestically in the current frame is the global total $389.1M.

As mentioned above, several milestones have been set for the third image in the latest franchise iteration. New markets (excluding China and forecasts) were 11% below 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and 29% below 2015 Jurassic world, at today’s prices. Some markets outperformed JW: FK in their arches.


And then there is China where the market is about 80% open and gave JWD a warm-hearted welcome. This year has been tough in the PRC so far and maybe this is a sign that better things are to come. It opened for $52.5 million, the biggest opening of any Hollywood title there in 2022. Overall, it’s already the best studio film of the year.

Overall, this is a strong start internationally, especially given some still-struggling overseas markets whose strength top gun and lower social scores compared to the previous films in the series. Regardless, what’s important is that we see that audiences are excited to go to the movies — and that two big tent poles can coexist on the global landscape.

View individually JWD markets that United Kingdom opened that session at #1 with $15.4 million and had Universal’s fifth-highest-grossing 3-day weekend ever, beating JW: FK.

France had an opening weekend of $9.7M, just over JW: FK at No.1. Australia to beat Universal’s third-largest opening weekend of all time by $8.5 million JW: FK. Germany reached $7.5 million at opening, in line with JW: FK including previews. India raised $5.7 million for second largest MPA opening in 2022.

in the Spainwhere the film had a seven city shopping mall tour, domination dominated with a start of $5.4M. Friday was the second-biggest Opening Friday of the year and the third-biggest Opening Friday of the pandemic; Saturday was the busiest Saturday of 2022 and the second-highest of the pandemic.

Other highlights are Malaysia ($5.2 million – third-biggest Universal opening weekend ever, biggest of the pandemic); Indonesia ($4.7 million, above JW and something off JW: FK); Taiwan ($4.5 million – best opening weekend of 2022, with Saturday being best box office of the year); and Netherlands ($3 million – including previews, the franchise’s biggest opening).


in leftovers, Mexico was still No. 1, adding $8.1M for a 46% plunge and a $30.4M cume, above both JW and JW: FK at the same point. Korea has grossed $21.7 million to date, the same as Jurassic world; and Brazil stuck No. 1 with a rolling cume of $8.4 million.

The marketing and promotions team went to the city(s) with activations in several areas, as shown above in a selection of the respective market photos.


Top Gun: Maverick

The Joseph Kosinski-directed sequel, which continued to reach stratospheric heights, saw another firm hold internationally this weekend, falling just 39% – after a whopping 16% drop in the final frame of session two. That’s despite losing most of its IMAX screens in the current session.

The offshore total is $353.7M through Sunday while global has spread its wings $747 million in three weeks. Will it reach $1 billion worldwide – without China and Russia? I wouldn’t bet against this movie. Korea has yet to come and the runway ahead.

There have been some crazy holds in overseas markets including Japan ($33.9M cume/-6%), Mexico ($9.9M cume/-16%) and Brazil ($13M cume/-18%).

That United Kingdom tops all games at $63m, followed by Japan ($33.9m), Australia ($32.6m), France ($28.7m), Germany ($18m), Brazil ($13m). ), Taiwan ($10.9 million), Mexico ($9.9 million). , Italy ($9.3M) and Saudi Arabia ($8.5M) to round out the top 10.

The Disney/Marvel sequel is now live $930.2M worldwide, incl $532.4M from overseas. It still holds the mantle of the biggest release of the year worldwide. Offshore is the #8 MCU picture of all time excluding China and Russia in comparison (the film was not released in those markets).

Directed by Sam Raimi, the added Benedict Cumberbatch star $5.4M in 48 markets in this session and is down 58%. Ukraine started at $145,000, beating recent opens of The Batman and Top Gun: Maverick.

The top 5 markets so far are the UK ($51.4m), Korea ($49.2m), Mexico ($40.6m), Brazil ($33.1m) and France ( $27.7 million).


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