Julie Andrews confirms there will be no Princess Diaries 3

Julie Andrews has confirmed that lover’s third installment Suddenly Princess movies is unlikely.

Rumors abound about the future of the film franchise. Anne Hathaway confirmed in 2019 that there was a script for That Princess diaries 3, and in early 2017, Meg Cabot, author of the book series on which the first film was based, stated that there would certainly be interest in a new film. But it seems like one of the film’s leading actresses sealed its fate The Princess Diaries once and for all.

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter She spoke fondly about it on the occasion of her AFI Life Achievement Award The Princess Diaries and most importantly, how it resonates with her younger fan base.

But when asked if it was a story she would like to revisit, the acclaimed actor replied: “I think it would be too late to do it now. Many, many years ago there was talk of a sequel. But I don’t think it ever happened. And Gary [Marshall, died in 2016] then left us.”

The Princess Diaries
Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews play Mia Thermopolis and Queen Clarisse Renaldi in The Princess Diaries.

She continued: “[For] especially me, it’s too far down to go back to that now. It’s a nice thought, but I don’t think it’s likely to be possible.”

Though we’re sad to hear Genovia won’t be returning to the big screen, Andrews spoke fondly of her role as Queen Clarisse Renaldi, saying she took it on because she was drawn to Marshall’s “humor and people skills.” I also think it was obviously the idea of ​​the story, but he was incredibly generous.

“When I first met him – and I had never met him until the role was discussed – he asked some fabulous questions, like where do you think Genovia is? What do you think Genovia is famous for? I said something idiotic like: ‘The nuns in the country would have made lace and exported it, and maybe they are famous for their very beautiful pear trees and their pears.’ Well, we had pears and lace costumes all over the set.

“He took what everyone had to offer.”

The Princess Diaries
Julie Andrews has confirmed that Princess Diaries 3 will not take place.

If we ever needed a reminder to go back and look again Suddenly Princess, let it be. How else are we supposed to ease the pain?

Although Andrews won’t be returning to our screens as Queen Clarisse, we’ll continue to enjoy the adored actor’s work as the voice of Lady Whistledown on Netflix Bridgeton.

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