Joanne McNally on why she didn’t delete dating app Raya

Joanne McNally has revealed the reason she didn’t delete celebrity dating app Raya despite having a new boyfriend.

The popular comedian announced last month that she is dating a new man, Peter, whom she met on Raya, and even shared a glimpse of him in a recent Instagram story.

Although they love their relationship, both Joanne and Peter don’t want to delete the app due to its exclusivity.

Joanne McNally has revealed the reason she didn’t delete celebrity dating app Raya despite having a new boyfriend. Photo: RTE.

“Peter said very clearly, we deleted the dating apps. We both put Raya in a folder, it’s very hard to get ahead. Nobody deletes Raya, we just put it in a folder…

“We said, ‘Okay, let’s not lose our minds here.’ If she kicks out a kid walking down the aisle, Raya could be erased. Until then, we’re both keeping Raya,” she said on her podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me.

Co-host Vogue Williams admitted she thinks what Joanne is doing is “clever” as she’s doing something similar with her membership of private club Soho House.

Joanne gave fans a glimpse of her boyfriend Peter. Photo: Instagram/Joanne McNally.

She explained: “If I had been on Raya I would still have it in a folder just in case. It’s like Soho House, I never go there and I’m a member. I’m too scared not to become a member because they won’t let me back in. I have to become a member.”

While Joanne receives many requests from women asking her to recommend her for Raya, she insists “there is nothing” worth pursuing.

Joanne was previously kicked off the dating app because she was too upset about seeing the famous faces looking for love.

“I left, but not willingly. Because there are all these celebs on Raya and because I was just a rabble on Raya – so excited to see these celebs. I grabbed the celeb photos and sent them to the girls.

Joanne previously admitted she was thrown by Raya. Photo: RTE>

“Anyway, I’ve got Lewis Hamilton on screen and then this alarm goes off which basically says, ‘You’ve just identified yourself as plebs because you’re capturing the celebrities on screen. You don’t belong here – get out,’ she said.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Joanne revealed that her favorite tease with Peter is his dodgy wine-pouring technique, which she blamed on his “pristine” way of life.

“Did you see the wine he poured last night? I felt like we had just really met and he poured me a glass of wine. You would want to see it, pathetic. Tiny. I was like Peter, I don’t know if we’re on the same page mate,” she said.

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