Jeshi Jinga calls on celebrities to monetize their complex slang: “Shembeteng Ni Yembetetu”

  • Jeshi Jinga wowed fans with her hard-hitting shembeteng and left netizens with mixed reactions to the new language in town
  • However, the group has now fought its way out to calling influencers and celebrities with their slang to make money by saying the language is theirs
  • They said they taught people how to speak the language, but none of them were willing to pay for the tuition, but there were people who were paid to do it

Members of the Jeshi Jinga group have called out celebrities who ride their harsh language and use it to enrich themselves.

Jeshi Jinga urges people not to use their language.  Photo: Nicholas Kioko/YouTube.
Yeshi Jinga squad. Photo: Nicholas Kioko/YouTube.
Source: UGC

Jeshi Jinga says students don’t pay for tuition

The group said they want people to enjoy speaking the language but not use it to make money.

“Sisi tunadai hawa wasee wenye wanatumia hii Shembeteng na inawaingizia domboto, si ati tunawalimbitisha lakini waache kuifanyia ka biz, watuachie tu Shembeteng sisi tuendele kuimbanja. Biz tuachieni, Shembeteng ni yembetetu,” Shembeteng Master. (Basically this means to stop using the language for business since they are also trying to make money from it).

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This is the first time the group has made demands about what they want people to do with their language.

They said there are people who have tried teaching the language but have refused to pay for the tuition, but there are others who are using it to either influence gigs or make money.

The group is now asking anyone who makes money from shembeteng to stop and let them speak their own language.

“Think twice and wisely,” they added.

Shembeteng Masters on NTV

Shembeteng’s master recently left viewers speechless after he was asked by news anchor Olive Burrows to sign the news bulletin.

As the presenter introduced him, the interpreter made sure he interpreted the signs, but he paused and looked helplessly at the television when the young man began to speak.

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“Kaeni rambatada, msiromboktoke, tuko NTV bumbutulu, sisi ndio tunachambatisha humbutu. Sisi ndio tunasembetewo humuasin. Shomoboto leo ni fambataya kaeni lombotokt. Msitombotokte,” he said. (Basically, that meant keeping it locked).

Reactions from netizens were mixed, with some accusing the media of glorifying the language and others enjoying it.

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