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“One of those days …”

It’s a threat, a promise, or a dream. It all depends on the circumstances.

Anglers often strive to fulfill an ambition “one of those days.” Maybe to visit a lake far away or to catch a species that is on the bucket list. For many, however, the “one of those days” The goal is to take up fishing or perhaps return to the sport they loved as a child.

Ohioans who are considering fishing as a new hobby or want to dust off their long-disused tackle have the once-a-year opportunity to cast out their lines without investing in a fishing license.

According to news released by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources last week, Ohio’s annual Free Fishing Weekend will be held on June 18th and 19th.

Like many pursuits in life, fishing is an activity that can very easily be put on the back burner as work, raising children, youth sports and other important responsibilities take precedence. Many of us learned the fun of fishing when we were young, then put down our rods and tackle when the commitments of adulthood left us no time to fish.

“One of those days,” we say as we walk past the disused fishing gear.

Maybe next weekend is the time when one of those days really happens.

There are signs that June 18th and 19th could be a pretty good time to put fishing back on your radar. The weather should be excellent and the fishing is usually pretty good in mid-June in northeast Ohio, with plenty of opportunities for anglers – even novices – to fish for bluegills, crappies, catfish and maybe a spunky largemouth bass or even a Lake Erie walleye.

Ohio’s Free Fishing Weekend covers all of the state’s public waters, including Lake Erie and the Ohio River. Locally, anglers can fish for free in Mosquito, Berlin, Milton, West Branch, Deer Creek, Walborn and other public waters.

“The Division of Wildlife hosts a free fishing weekend each year that aims to expand access to and participation in this popular outdoor activity.” The ODNR said in a press release. “The Free Fishing Weekend is an excellent opportunity to get outside and experience the thrill of free fishing.”

The truth is, those of us who love fishing owe it to our sport to introduce others to the fun. ODNR found that young people in particular should be given the opportunity to get out on the water.

“The free fishing weekend offers a unique chance for beginners and children to catch a fish”, The ODNR said as it listed tips to make first trips fun and interesting.

Adults caring for young people are advised to keep the trip simple, taking into account the person’s age and ability. You should choose a pond, lake or stream where beginners will be near fish that are willing to bite.

Live baits are recommended for beginners as they are more likely to arouse the interest of the fish. Adult trainers should be patient and spend time untangling lines.

“The most,” said the ODNR, “Enjoy the trip.”

After all, that is the main reason why everyone who fishes goes to the lake in the first place.

book by Jack Wollitz, “The Ordinary Angler” explores the fun things that make fishing a passion for so many people. He enjoys emails from readers. Send a message to [email protected]

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