It costs $110,000 to fully gear up in Diablo Immortal

Activision Blizzard launched early a few days ago Diablo immortal has made headlines for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its microtransaction model. Namely, Diablo Iimmortal is a free-to-play game and therefore offers a number of ways in which players can support its further development.

While this approach to sustainability is more commonplace these days, Diablo immortal may have gone a step further than most players expected. According to calculations by YouTube channel Bellular News, the game’s unique monetization system is set up in such a way that character min-maxing becomes an extremely expensive endeavor.


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The core of the problem, according to Bellular News’ recent video, is this Diablo immortal allows players to buy the so-called Legendary Gems. These are one of the three pillars of character progression, along with normal gear and XP level, and they dictate one’s progression through the endgame level beyond what is possible through simple attainment Diablo immortalLevel cap of . Currently, F2P players cannot earn premium Legendary games, which are only available through some of the game’s monetization options, and fully maxing out a character effectively costs $110,000 in the game’s current economy.

Bellular News’ Matt and Michael also argue Diablo immortal‘s Legendary Gems is an intentionally complicated system that explains that it would take an F2P player about 10 years of gameplay to fully equip a character in the current iteration of the game. Notably, Legendary Gems aren’t even a guaranteed drop for paying players, as they’re only awarded randomly when purchasing Legendary Crests (i.e. loot boxes) – which may be why Diablo immortal was not introduced worldwide.

Following Diablo immortal‘s early start, the game actually seems a “true Diablo experience” in more ways than one. The community began praising the core gameplay loop almost immediately after release, although there was a healthy dose of skepticism Immortalalso the monetization system of , and that could well have been justified if the Bellular News results are correct.

Since the game also came out for PC, it’s worth considering Diablo immortalThe PC release of is good news for Warcraft mobile as soon as it comes out, as this game too may be available on a larger number of devices than originally thought. For players not interested in min-maxing, ImmortalThe potentially egregious monetization of may not be an issue, although Gregg2G, another YouTuber, has previously pointed out that “most F2P players [of Diablo Immortal] never see a 5-star gem in-game as it currently stands.

Diablo immortal is now available for iOS, Android and PC.

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