IRL Twitch streamer has asked to join the cult on the Walking Across America live stream

There’s never a shortage of weird and funny moments with IRL streamers, especially those in the US. A clip from one such creator, SubwaySean, has garnered some attention on social media, where someone is trying to recruit him into an unidentified “cult.”

In the clip, the cult member fervently describes his lifestyle, with Sean politely agreeing with everything the person had to say. Read on to find out how the creator handled the situation and how the streaming community reacted.

IRL streamer stopped by cult member in Lake View, NY

The streamer was streaming day 25 of his The Great American Subway Walk when the incident happened. The Boston-based creator began trekking from there on May 1 to reach Santa Monica, California.

The goal is to only achieve this feat while eating food from the Subway restaurant chain, hence the name.

After stopping to buy some water at Walmart, the content creator had just resumed his interaction with the chat when viewers saw a man waiting for the creator on the sidewalk.

(watch from 1:30:41 to see the full interaction)

The man, who was later revealed to be a member of a commune, said his friend told him about Sean after seeing him walking down the sidewalk.

“He saw you and called me to come and see you. We are a group of believers and we all live together and share everything.

The man continued and gave some details about the nature of their life together.

“We actually believe in the Bible and stuff.”

Sean’s polite responses must have tipped off the community member, so he quickly finished his presentation.

“And he said he looks like a nice man, you must visit him. So I jumped in my vehicle and came to see you. I’d invite you home, but you’re doing the thing (referring to the streamer’s journey), so if you ever get tired and such, you can visit our website.”

After the interaction ended, the broadcaster summed up the situation in one line and continued:

“You meet some interesting people along the way, you know? I just don’t think I want to have the adventure of going into her house, you know?”

Speculation as to which particular “cult” stopped the streamer has sparked a chain reaction, with the clip being shared widely on social media.

Many users hilariously adapt the interaction to the way NPCs offer side missions in games like GTA.

Many fans also referenced the creator’s later comments that stopping someone out of the blue on the street was simply unacceptable.

Many fans also watched as the man dodged the world “cult” at every turn.

The Great American Subway Walk is conducted for the charity Big Sea Mountaineers, an organization that works with inner city kids to take them on adventure trips. It is hosted on the SubwaySean twitch handle.

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