In the now-deleted post, Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter gossips about the “rudest celebrities’ comments,” but JoJo Siwa doesn’t seem to regret it

Just when we all thought the unexpected (and probably unintended) drama would intervene So you think you can dance Judge JoJo Siwa and former Hallmark Queen Candace Cameron Bure was over, well it’s back. To Siwa called Cameron Bure the “rudest” celebrity she has ever met the fuller house The actress seemingly posted a Bible verse in responsebut later made it call the Dancing Moms alum so they could work things out and she could apologize. However, apparently Cameron Bure’s daughter Natasha is still salty about what Siwa said and has clapped back, although Siwa herself doesn’t seem to regret her comments.

What Did Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter Say About JoJo Siwa?

We all know that being in the public eye for much of your life isn’t exactly easy, especially since many fans like the feeling of being able to interact with celebrities when they see them in the wild, and many will try to do so to do prove to be awkward times for the celebs in question. This seems to be basically what happened when JoJo Siwa spotted Candace Cameron Bure on the red carpet at the fuller house Premiered years ago, and the actress declined her request for a photo op. While it sounds like she and Siwa have basically cleared the air now, Natasha Bure is still unsatisfied and has brought her feelings to a now-erased one Instagram story (above entertainment tonight), partially write:

Respectfully, someone saying no to take a picture with you is not a “hard experience”. This generation is so delicate and has no backbone. Grow up. There are bigger problems in the world than this… If someone says they don’t want to take a picture with you or that it’s a bad time because they’re working, that’s not a “tough experience”… There are people who are in other countries, children are dying of hunger. These people have a hard experience.

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