“I hope my golf game this weekend at the American Family Insurance Championship Celebrity Round is better than it was a few weeks ago.”

Former New York Yankees legend and generational shortstop Derek Jeter has taken up golf since retiring from Major League Baseball in 2014. This is similar to many retired professional athletes and keeps those players connected after retirement.

Jeter had also just joined social media and had recently created both Twitter and Instagram accounts. This has been a long time awaited as Jeter has never had his own personal social media account. Fans wondered what The Captain was up to after his career with the New York Yankees.

“Looks like I’ve officially run out of excuses.” -Derek Jeter

Jeter joined Twitter and Instagram for a number of reasons, but mainly because most other celebrities have social media accounts. It could also have been to introduce his upcoming miniseries on ESPN called The Captain, which premieres in less than two months.

“Less than two months until the #TheCaptain premiere. Thank you to all the hard work of everyone involved. -Derek Jeter

His reasons for joining social media so late are unknown, but it’s nice to see he has a presence on both Twitter and Instagram.

Derek Jeter is quite the golfer now

Jeter salutes the crowd at the American Family Insurance Championship.
Jeter salutes the crowd at the American Family Insurance Championship.

Jeter’s most recent post on his Twitter account was a picture of him and fellow former New York Yankees, CC Sabathia and Andruw Jones, during a golf tournament. In the picture, the three of them are smiling and laughing while Jeter stands next to the others’ golf cart. Jeter posted the picture with the words, “Label that.”

Caption… Hoping my golf game will be better this weekend @amfamchamp celebrity round than just a few weeks ago. https://t.co/wtJjh3t7JL

“Label that…I hope my golf game is better this weekend at the @amfamchamp Celebrity Round than it was a few weeks ago.” -Derek Jeter

Jeter just hosted his annual celebrity golf tournament for his Turn 2 Foundation two weeks ago. Apparently, according to Jeter, he didn’t do as well in his own tournament. In his tweet above, he said he hopes to do better at the upcoming American Family Championship than he did at his event.

It’s nice to see that Jeter is active on social media after all this time. Jeter took over a generation at shortstop and inspired thousands of young athletes to play the game. Now that he’s retired, it’s nice to see him interacting with one another on social media along with other former players.

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