How to Get Masters Tickets: Lottery Odds, Deadline, Prizes for Augusta in 2023

The window is now open for fans to apply for one of the most difficult tickets to acquire in esports: the 2023 Masters tournament.

The Masters has used a lottery system since 2012, allowing a select number of tickets per round. The chances of a successful online application are slim – but the application is free and offers golf fans the opportunity to enjoy the most important event in the sport.

A select few patrons—Series Badge Patrons—can enter the contest Thursday through Sunday for the incredible price of $375. (Good luck joining this group: the waiting list has been closed since 1978, although it briefly opened and closed in 2000).

For everyone else, ticket prices on the third-party sites are likely to run into the thousands of dollars. The reason? Incredible demand. The chance to see the best golfers in the world in one of the sport’s most beautiful and traditional locations drives this price up.

How to apply for Masters 2023 tickets and the average ticket cost for the world’s most famous golf event.

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How to get Masters tickets 2023

Purchasing Masters 2023 tickets through the lottery is a relatively simple process. There are three steps to applying: creating or confirming a Masters account; apply for tickets online; and wait for the lottery results.

The Masters will only accept one entry per person or address and only one entry per household.

Below are the steps and their respective deadlines:

  1. Create or Verify a Masters Account (June 1-21)
  2. Apply for 2023 tickets on (June 1-21)
  3. Those who applied will be notified with the results (July 20-23)

Odds of Winning the Masters Lottery

According to an estimate by, the chances of successfully applying for tickets through the Masters lottery system are 0.55 percent – just over half of 1 percent. In terms of betting, this means that the money line is around +18000.

It’s important to note that’s methodology is inaccurate considering it uses data not publicly released by the Masters, including attendance counts, number of Series Badge Patrons – essentially lifetime Pass members – or the number of tickets distributed via the lottery system.

However, this underscores just how difficult it is to compete in golf’s most important event.

How much do Masters tickets cost?

Unsurprisingly, the most coveted ticket in golf fetches the highest average price. Per Golf Monthly – citing a study by SlotsOnlineCanada – an average Masters ticket costs guests $3,000. That’s the third most expensive ticket in major sports, on average.

The best-selling ticket in esports belongs to the Super Bowl LVI, which commands an average ticket price of $8,869. In a distant second is a ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals that costs $3,500.

Below is an overview of ticket prices for the Masters from various ticket providers (prices listed reflect the cheapest option available):

  • Ticket Smarter: $2,883 (day pass) | $11,550 (four-day pass)
  • StubHub: $2,750 (Day Pass)
  • Alive Seats: $2,707 (daily pass) | $10,073 (four-day pass)
  • playing time: $2,342 (day pass) | $9,746 (four-day pass)

Masters practice round tickets

There is a slightly cheaper option for golf fans who want to experience the magic of Augusta without having to pay full price for a ticket: Buy a practice round ticket.

Even that requires a significant markup, with several ticket providers’ prices starting in thousands of dollars. Below you will find an overview of tickets for training laps. As before, the prices shown reflect the cheapest option.

  • Ticket Smarter: $1,308
  • StubHub: $1,180
  • Alive Seats: $1,095
  • playing time: $1,107

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