How old is Markiplier? Breakdown of the streamer’s age and other personal information

Mark “Markiplier” is a 32-year YouTube veteran who recently celebrated 10 years as a content creator on the red platform. The Hawaiian-born American YouTuber started his YouTube career in 2012 and is best known for his Let’s Play videos of horror games like Amnesia.

Mark also played many Minecraft and indie games and gained more than 30 million subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the most popular personalities on Google’s own platform. Mark is also known for his comedy skits and podcasts. He is affectionately dubbed the “most caring YouTuber” because of his close relationship with his fan base.

How exactly did Mark become one of the leading gaming channels on YouTube with 33 million subscribers? Let’s take a look at what made Markiplier the YouTube giant he is now.

Markiplier: Breaking down the YouTuber’s 10-year journey on the platform

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birth and upbringing

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on June 28, 1989 (he will be 33 in five days) in Hawaii, but the family moved to Ohio shortly thereafter. His father was in the US Army and his mother was a Korean immigrant.

In their early years, he and his older brother Jason were bullied due to their Asian origins. Mark’s academic career was dictated by his father, who reportedly forced him to study engineering.

Although he had expressed interest in becoming a video game designer, Mark eventually earned a degree in biomedical engineering, which landed him a desk job. After being fired from his job, Mark had an appendectomy and lived a monotonous life, so he decided to become a YouTuber.

What does Markiplier mean?

Fans know that Mark loves to dress up his alter ego for various skits and bits he does on YouTube. The channel hame is a portmanteau of the word mark and multiplier and refers to the multiple characters that Mark wanted to play on his channel.

Here is a list of Mark’s alter egos:

  1. dark copier
  2. Wilford threw strength
  3. Jim’s twins
  4. Santa Claus
Markiplier's alter egos (Image via Fandom)
Alter egos of Markiplier (Image via Fandom)

Do it as a YouTuber

Mark went through several profiles before sticking with his current main profile. In the beginning, his channel was a mix of horror games and Minecraft. He also streamed regularly on Twitch and had a separate channel for VODs and clips.

Around 2014 he was associated with the group Cyndago. The group, along with Mark, produced various satirical sketches that allowed the Hawaiian to showcase his acting skills.

To commemorate his 10th anniversary on YouTube, Mark uploaded the first part of a new sketch titled “In Space With Markiplier.” Below is an awesome fanart about the sketch:

In November 2019, Mark started a joint channel with fellow YouTuber Nathan called Unus Annus, where the duo tried to upload a video every day for a year.

The proposed project was to upload videos of non-video game activities and was only intended to run for a year. They did well on that promise by deleting the channel on November 13, 2020. Both have won the Best Collaboration award at the annual Streamy Awards.

Mark has been in a relationship with Cincinnati-based graphic designer and animator Amy “Peebles” since 2015.

Markiplier’s political views

Mark is a self-proclaimed liberal who openly supports universal health coverage, freedom of religion, and other liberal policies. In 2017, he hosted a 12-hour live stream for charity to raise money for an LGBT+ organization’s human rights campaign. He was also an outspoken supporter of the recent BLM protests.

Mark is also a philanthropist who has raised money for charities like Make a Wish, Doctors Without Borders and Child’s Play. He has donated money to Alzheimer’s research and institutes that deal with depression and bipolar disorder.

His deep, resonant voice and sophisticated style combined with amazing acting skills and quick thinking make him a very amusing creator to watch. Years of knowledge about video games allowed him to create fun and interesting commentary with his Let’s Play content.

Mark’s penchant for spotlighting indie games allows smaller game studios to reach a wider audience. You can currently catch Markiplier playing horror games like Simulacra and Phasmophobia while having lighthearted fun with friends playing Garry’s Mod on his channel.

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